Fall is here, and that means, so is Adelaide's birthday! The perfect way to start off the very best quarter of the year! This girl of ours loves all things pink, sparkly, princess-y and girly. She loves asking Mercer, "Want to go party?" which means going in her room, turning off the lights, turning the music up to a level that I'm pretty sure can damage their ears and then dancing, setting up pillows on the floor to fall on and I'm pretty sure there is a decent amount of jumping on the bed. But we're not gonna talk about that last part.


She can be the sweetest big sister, is the best of buddies with her little brother, and is a fast friend to anyone at all. She loves school, camping, traveling and all things Barbie. Our house is constantly covered in signs, cards, and drawings, nearly all proclaiming "I love u Mom/Dad/Mercer". She is just as into fashion as she was when she started dressing herself at 2 and puts together lots of interesting outfits ;) Her latest favorite finishing touch is knee socks. With everything. 


She's also got an attitude that makes me absolutely crazy and a little terrified about what her teenage years will hold! Paired with a love of arguing and a need for the last word that rivals her mom's and we make quite the pair sometimes! She's not taking dance this year (her teacher retired :( but she still gets in plenty of performance time at home!


Jordan and I regularly talk about how grateful we are to have gotten the two kids that we did. Not only individually, but as a pair too. They are just the best, and seeing Adelaide take on the role of big sister so wonderfully (most of the time ;) warms my heart. For a little more about our girl at six years old, check out her birthday interview on YouTube.

Happy birthday and many, many, many more sweet Adelaide! I hope you always take on the world like the super-girl that you are!


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