We had a big back-to-school season this year with Adelaide starting Kindergarten and Mercer starting pre-school two days/week! It took both kids a little while to get used to the big changes. Adelaide was pretty nervous about the transition to elementary school, and broke my heart a little bit on one morning when she said, "I don't want to go to school, I'm not ready for Kindergarten." I wasn't so sure I was either. But, I'm so happy to report that by the second full week, she was coming home proclaiming her love for Kindergarten. I've been so impressed too with how much I can already see her learning. From nailing her sight words week after week, to writing out math problems. She even got the very first award of the year in her class, for using kind words and being kind. Proud x1,000,000!

Mercer actually did fine with his first couple of drops offs, but quickly figured out that it was going to be a regular thing and did a 180 - screaming, clinging, tears... the whole bit. It was easily one of the hardest things I've ever gone through. Prying my baby boys hands off of me and walking out the door to him screaming, "I want Mommy!" literally hurt my heart. But again, happy to report that he's now waving by to me and heading off to join his friends with a smile on his face!

His amazing teachers even added a couple of photos to his daily report during those rough early days. Seeing that he was smiling and having fun at school was just what I needed to get through those hard drop-offs.

Now excuse me while I go chip away at my to-do list before the kids get home and start their daily wresting match ;)


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