So, yes. Adelaide's birthday was almost 3 months ago now. And yes, I had every intention of sharing these photos a solid 2 months ago. But hey, better late than never! As usual, I'll claim to be sharing tons of photos and not much else, and then get caught up in talking about too many of the photos which will then result in a super long post.... :) 

We started the birthday festivities the night before her birthday by building a huge fort in her room. According to Adelaide, Daddy promised they could make a fort and sleep in it. According to Daddy, something *might have been mentioned about a fort, but no such promise was made as to anyone, in particular, sleeping in said fort. Leave it to Mom to save the day, swooping in with my pillow and camp mat to take the place next to her ;) We took a photo of her last night as a 4-year-old, slept cozy as two bugs in a rug makeshift fort on the floor, and decided that this should definitely be a new birthday eve tradition. We are both excited for Mercer to be old enough to join in! I think we'll need a bigger fort for the 3 of us though!

Birthday breakfast was the traditional Happy Birthday donuts from Grandma which everyone loves. So yummy and fun!

And since party day was still a few days away, we finished off her actual birthday with an after-school trip to the park, dinner at her favorite restaurant - Nom Nom's (burritos) and an ice cream cake from DQ. 

For her party, she decided to go with a mermaid theme and of course, a bounce house. I'll tell you what, you really can't beat a bounce house for the amount of entertainment it provides for the price! Plus, it's always at our house for the entire second half of the day, so Adelaide and Mercer get it in so much bounce time! 



I had the highest hopes of some amazing face-painting at part of the party. Of course, I was going to do it myself, so I'm not sure where those high hopes came from.... false hope from YouTube I think. But the kids were pretty happy with what they got anyway I think. And now I know better :)

And she was completely spoiled and had a wonderful day.



 So far 5 seems the be the age of:

- Goofy/Silly A.K.A. Annoying to adults
- Legitimately helpful
- Craving independence and being so brave! (She recently went to the bathroom on an airplane totally on her own, of which I was immensely proud and one day she'll probably be very embarrassed that I just shared that information :)
- Finally genuinely befriending her brother
- MAJOR attitude
- A whole new Mama's girl phase

Jordan and I frequently talk about how lucky we feel to have gotten the two kids we got. They're good ones and we wouldn't trade them or their idiosyncrasies for anyone else!

Stay tuned for some NYC photos.... in a few months ;)

Happy almost Christmas!


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