14 years I've known this guy! And for 10 years I've been lucky enough to call him my husband (although I don't often do that, because, oddly enough, it still feels a little too grown up for me to be able to claim as true). Facts are facts though :) We've traveled across the country many times, on 4 wheels and on two, we've spent nights in tents in humid yuckiness (thanks for that Virginia Beach) and frozen our butts off until it seemed close enough to morning to call it quits (I believe credit is owed to Lander, WY on that one). We've sampled pizza from across the country, sought out the best pancakes (me)/breakfast burritos (him) every town has to offer, spoiled the most wonderful Frenchie to ever walk the Earth for 13 stinky and love filled-years (Love you Bowser a.k.a. Mr. Pickle) and grown our little family from 2 to 4 with the addition of the 2 most adorable kids we've ever laid eyes on (a biased opinion I suppose :) To say I'm lucky is the understatement of the century. I, like everyone, am prone to forgetting how many things I have to be grateful for from time to time, but today, on our 10 year anniversary, I'm filled to the brim with gratitude and love for this guy... man? Nah, that's another one of those too grown up nouns that I just can't wrap my head around. Happy anniversary Jordan! I'm already looking forward to reminiscing over the next 10 years!



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