^^ One Year Old ^^

 ^^ Two Years Old ^^

^^ Three Years Old ^^ 

^^ Four Years Old ^^
 ^^ Five Years Old ^^


 ^^ The difference between 2 and 5... makes me want need to go squeeze Mercer before he's grown up too! ^^

It's our sweet girl's 5th birthday! She's grown and changed so much over the years, but one thing remains the same, she's a beautiful girl inside and out. She is full of endless enthusiasm, confidence, individuality, creativity, and energy and I hope those never change. I've never known someone to make friends as effortlessly as her and am so proud of her outgoing and funloving nature. Getting to see her now as a big sister is such fun (most of the time.... or at least, say 38% of the time ;) 

The celebration started last night when she, Jordan and I built a fort in her room, which she and I slept in. I think this might be a fun new tradition for us, even though she woke me up 3 times between 5-6:15am! She then got to follow a string through the house, up, down and around to find her birthday present hidden in the pantry... a Boxy Girl! She also got her yearly "Happy Birthday Adelaide" donuts from Grandma, and even hitched a ride with Grandma to preschool! Nom Nom's awaits us for dinner, followed by a yummy looking Dairy Queen Oreo blizzard cake! Then Saturday, we party it up with a mermaid party and bounce house! 

If you haven't seen her 5th birthday interview yet, you can check it out here, as well as her other birthday interviews on my YouTube Channel.

Happy birthday Adelaide! We love you x1,000,000!

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  1. Aunt Mandy Loves You Sweet Girl!!
    🎂Happy Birthday!🎂



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