And again, I dropped the ball. I had such good intentions when it came to month 5 too... oh well, I'm here now and that's what counts!

Okay, let's pick up where we left off, all about the month leading up to our guy turning 5 months old...

5 Months: The month leading up to Mercer's 5 month birthday was when he really got into rolling. He had a spell of a few days when he was all about rolling from belly to back during tummy time, but then when he started going back to belly (always in his crib), it was like he forgot how to get back over. I had to go into his room during his naps on 5 different occasions one day to roll him back over to his back after he got himself stuck on his tummy and was livid about it (as if he had nothing to do with it)! Same thing happened a few times over night. I remember waking the poor guy up rolling him back over to his back a couple of times too because he would fall asleep face down and I was terrified he would suffocate himself since he couldn't seem to roll back over on his own. But, he did get the hang of it over the course of a few days. Overall, it was a bit of a grumpy month for him. I speculated that it was due to teething because I could see the outline of those two on the bottom, but they did not break through that month. We also had some hard days due to Adelaide's Mother's Day Out drop off and pick up messing with morning and afternoon naps (though luckily, we sorted out a solution to that and it is no longer an issue!!!). That hair on the tops just keeps on growing, so cute!

He Loves - Listening to and watching Adelaide; sometimes she sits in my lap too when I feed him at bedtime and she sings to him :), the Ergo is pretty much always a win, the jumper, chewing on watermelon chunks, songs - The More We Get Together, Pat-a-Cake, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes and This Little Piggy

He Doesn't Love - Getting off of his nap schedule, tummy time, sleeping all night (still eating once a night), solids (except gnawing on watermelon :)

6 Months: I gave him sweet potatoes the day he turned 5 months old and he loved them! He had been grabbing at my food so much and loving the watermelon, so I decided to give it a try and it was a hit. Over the month though, it was very hit and miss (still is). Some days he'll kill it and others he couldn't care less. Overall, it was a pretty good month! His bottom two teeth came through around 5 1/2 months and he's loving chewing on anything he can get his hands on! He's obsessed with my water cup - grabs it every time I get a drink, chews on the edge of the lid, and has even sucked water out of my straw a few times (though the water part really throws him). I'm excited about the fact that he seems to get that concept already though and hope that sticks around for when he actually starts drinking water. He has the most perfect natural mohawk! I spiked it up at bathtime one night and he woke up the next morning with it still up and it stayed that way for the next 2 days! He's all about rolling now. When I put him down on the floor and come back in a couple of minutes he'll be 2 feet away from where I left him! He's officially adopted the classic hiney-in-the-air baby sleeping position (heart eyes!) and is still eating once a night and lately, crying 1-2 other times (for who knows what reason). He spent his first nights away from home (2) when Jordan and I went to Chicago for his cousin's wedding. He did great and we had a blast. Beleive it or not, Adelaide was actually the one who had a bit of a hard time by day 2.

He Loves: Adelaide (as always!), the Ergo, being held/carried around (a lot), swinging outside, his jumper, pears, standing (with us holding his hands - though he's been bearing weight on his legs since his first month, which I may not have mentioned), I think the standing and jumping are what give him those meaty legs :)

He Doesn't Love: Being left on his own for too long, sleeping more than about 6 hours without crying, peas

Every month I look at his photos and think he's so dang cute, then the next month comes and he puts his previous month's self to shame. I know I'm biased, but if you ask me, his photo belongs in the dictionary next to adorable :)

 ^^ Those bottom teeth & his new hairstyle :) ^^

Now, can we just take a moment to celebrate the fact that is is now October?!?! Probably my favorite month, the unofficial start of the holiday season (to me at least), the month of our wedding anniversary, the month during which Adelaide was supposed to be born (alas, due to an error in calculation on my part, we were off by a few days, which still makes me crazy), the month of all things pumpkin, and in theory, changing leaves and crisp days... my favorite!


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