In just a few more days, Adelaide will be turning four! FOUR! One one hand, I feel like, "How? How is this even possible. How can four years have already gone by? How can we be creeping up on the school years?" <-- Although, thanks to very specific planning by me, and luck that my plan worked out, she will still have a whole year after this still before we have to cross the Kindergarten bridge... and on the other hand, it makes total sense that she's turning four, and I even think, "Only four?" because it's so hard to imagine there ever being a time when she wasn't here, singing, dancing and arguing her way through our house daily.

So, about Adelaide - she's got such an amazing personality. She's so outgoing and confident and goofy (bordering on annoying sometimes.... love her, but definitely entering that annoying kid who thinks she's hilarious-only-not-really, phase :) She loves to dance, just started her second year of ballet/tap, she loves to sing and makes up songs about ev.ry.thing. She amazes me sometimes with the songs and the rhymes she comes up with. She likes to argue... and, like her mom, does not like to let things go, therefore she and I can really get into some pretty good back-and-forth from time to time I'm ashamed to say (yes, I do get sucked up into arguing with a 3-year-old)... I'm terrified of what the teenage years are going to look like for us! She is officially in charge of dressing herself, with her closet rack at her height. She's in a socks phase, which I think is key for that kid, I-dressed-myself-so-I-kinda-look-homeless look :) She wears swimsuits around the house about 50% of the time (the other 50% is spent in various partially dressed states) and hates wearing shoes. She loves going to school and makes a new friend everywhere she goes, which I am so beyond proud of! When I take her to the park or splash pad, she's off, looking for people to play with and doing her own thing. Still super into all things Barbie and princess (total girly-girl) and getting into drawing and doing art. She's a good sister, in that she's never mean to Mercer and so understanding when it comes to him, but she's also not overly interested in him. Hopefully that will come as he gets older and can do more (she is still his #1 favorite person, hands down). She loves playing outside and climbs all over her swingset like a little monkey and wants to jump off of everything. Loves riding her bike and going camping. She's still a pretty picky eater, although that is improving and she has a sweet tooth the size of Texas! (No clue where that could've come from :)

Adelaide, you are absolutely amazing, hilarious, cute, and smart. I love getting watch you grow into this amazing little person and I hope your life is full of wonderful opportunities and surprises, and look forward to loving you every step of the way! We love you x 1,000,000!

I hope you have the happiest of birthdays & many, many more sweet girl!

Check out her birthday interview here.


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