Okay, first things first... the vlog from our trip is finally live! After 57 hours. Can we all just take a moment to acknowledge how ridiculous that is?!? In case you missed the first link, here it is again. After all the time committed to getting that thing up and running, I need a little payoff in the form of views leading me to believe someone actually cares ;)

Next, I have somewhere around 3 times as many photos to share as is probably reasonable, but I did whittle them down from 19 must-shares to 17 must-shares, and that was whittled down from well over 100. So trust me, it could've been much, much worse! So, since I will be hogging up so much time on photo and video viewing :), I'll stop with the rambling here and get on with it:

         ^^ That's just all Adelaide right there ^^

^^ And so's that ;) ^^


^^ My find at the Antique Tobacco Barn in Asheville, because what I really need is another G to squeeze in on the G wall that I just reconfigured. ^^

 There's that Ade-tude ^^ (Get it? Adelaide + Attitude? ;)

 ^^ This might've been my favorite sight of the whole trip! ^^

And that is all. Highly recommend Eastern Tennessee for fall foliage... all of the Appalachians probably. Highly recommend making camping reservations if you head to Eastern Tennessee in the fall (you'll have to watch the video for that back story). And very highly recommend Roan Mountain State Park.

Don't forget to check out our Camping in the Smoky Mountains vlog on my YouTube channel! Thumbs up and subscribe too *wink wink*

Oh, and Happy Halloween!

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