I think this might be the last year of the really cute and creative costumes :( After Adelaide had already picked out this ghost costume and it had already been made (luckily), she started talking about wanting to dress up like a butterfly for trick-or-treating, and Elsa may have been mentioned too... Not knocking butterflies or anything, but for me there's just no way that can compare to a ghost. Especially this ghost! Plus, Adelaide runs around the house in one of her three Elsa dresses 75% of the time anyway, so how special would that be for Halloween? Her brain just does not think like mine... <sigh> I did manage to strike a deal with her that had something to do with me finding her a dress up butterfly costume for play... so the ghost has won out for the trick-or-treating gig! Win-win!

So, if you're on the search for a super easy, cheap and crazy cute costume, I may just have the one for you! I did a video with an overview on how to put this together, as well as a few photos to go with it just to clarify (though I'm pretty sure they're unnecessary, because it really is super easy and basic). But if you have any questions, feel free to ask and I'll do my very best to answer!

Check out my DIY Ghost Costume Video for a full overview of how I made the costume, and below are a few photos of the supplies needed, and close-ups of how to make the knots. Happy Halloween!





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