Oh man, where do I even start? It's Adelaide's birthday! Three years old! Everyone keeps saying how fast it's going by and on one hand I guess I see that, but on the other it seems just about right. She's growing up into this amazing little girl who I just love more and more every single day, so I'm not really mourning each day or year's passing quite as much as I'm looking forward to watching it continue (though I think it's going to get harder and harder each year). She's just got this amazing personality, such a little ham! She's always wandering around in a different outfit than I saw her in last... Elsa dress, swimsuit, other Elsa dress, seven skirts... twirling around and making up songs. One of the most common lines I hear in her original pieces, "You can do..... anyyyyyyythinnnng!" She's so smart, curious and outgoing, such a good friend to any girl she can get to pay her any mind :) And finally, she's even getting a bit of a sweet streak, telling me I'm pretty or that she loves me or putting her arm around me or holding my hand sporadically. She melts my heart. While there have been times when I have struggled with this mom thing, trying to sort out exactly what my life is supposed to look like now, I've never once doubted just how much I love this girl. Those first few hell months ;) were a small price to pay for the energetic, imaginative, sweet, gregarious little girl we get to call ours. You are my favorite girl in the whole world Adelaide and I am so, so lucky to be your Mommy! I can't wait to say yes to every single "Do you want to play with me?" and "Can I watch a cartoon?" today :) I love you <---------------------------------------------> this much x1,000,000. Happy 3rd Birthday Adelaide Louise!


  1. Happy birthday Adelaide!

  2. Happy Birthday to my FAVORITE 3 year old ❤ xoxox Aunt Mandy

  3. Happy Birthday to my FAVORITE 3 year old ❤ xoxox Aunt Mandy



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