This little girl of ours..... all girl! Pink and purple, dancing, singing, princesses, skirts and dresses (of the twirly variety, of course :), dress up, baby dolls, Barbies... you get the picture. So I was not in the least bit surprised when she did so well with her "test" ballet class over the summer (a 4 week course to see if it's going to be something they like before committing to several months of classes). I mean, music, dancing and being surrounding with other little girls? It was basically her version of heaven. So, since it was about one million percent up her alley, we are planning to continue with it in September (if I can ever get anyone to call me back about which class to sign her up for... 2's, 3's??). I see adorable performances in our future!

I also have a few videos that I really need to get to fiddling with to share. I will get on that as soon as I have the time and motivation :) Once I get it done, I'll let yall know!


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