You know when you're staaaaarving and you pull up to the restaurant and see a school bus in the parking lot? And you're like "Aww, sh-t!". Well imagine that and add to it an hour long drive to get there. Then swap out the, let's say hour or so to eat with two+ hours of crowding around exhibits and the zoo. And then take that single bus and multiply it by a gillion.... okay, maybe not a gillion, but 25. It'll feel like a gillion though. Yep, that was our day. The most ironic part? We specifically went yesterday to avoid the crowds. To go while all 5-18 year olds couldn't. Note to future self: Call ahead to check for field trip day.

But, we managed and got cupcakes to boot. So take that Bad Timing Gods. We win! If you wanna see a little bit of our day, check out the vlog on my YouTube Channel.



The SacconeJolys. Anyone familiar? They're a super cute Irish family with whom I've become maybe just slightly leaning towards embarrassingly invested in recently. Shall I list the reasons why they're so great? Or would that push me from slightly leaning towards embarrassing to full-on SacconeJoly obsessed weirdo? I don't think that's a risk I feel like taking right now, so I'm just going to skip the list.

Anyway, I've been watching them a lot (Adelaide loves watching Emilia!) and that's what inspired me to pull the camera out over the weekend. As awkward as I feel while recording, I really enjoy editing and having something to share with yall. And, I think it's just the kind of stuff that will be so sweet to look back on in a few months and even more so in a few years. It's so easy to remember to pull out the camera for the big moments, but it's those everyday memories that are so easy to take for granted and I really want to try to hang on to them. The way Adelaide rambles on and on, the wonkey way she runs :), the way she talks... that sweet little voice, and those expressions! Those regular things we do, see and hear so often, but forget to remember...

Also, just a couple things:

1. I didn't realize just how in my face the camera was, so I'll try to remedy that next time. Not sure how since I was holding it as far away as I could.... something to think on.

2. Sorry about the extreme shakiness. Again, something I'll work on next time. 

So if you still wanna watch head over to my YouTube Channel! If you enjoy it, please be sure to give it a thumbs up or comment or let me know somehow and maybe I'll try to do another soon! Also, are there any other kinds of videos yall might be interested in me doing? Let me know!

P.S. This vlog took over a day, over 24 hours to upload! What is up with that?!?! That's what I'm dealing with here. Grrr!



Shirt: Target, Jeans: Old Navy, Shoes: Payless

These jeans.... holy smokes, if only I knew jeans could be like this. They are like, holy-freakin-soft and comfy, like wooooooah. Verdict is still out on the fit size-wise. I got the only pair I could find in the store which was a size up from where I would normally start trying on, (on clearance, $14.99!) and they do seem just a tad big. Still a little hiking-up-of-pants going on every once in a while, but not nearly as often as I have become accustomed. They're in the laundry pile right now and I'm hope, hope, hoping they shrink up just a tad and then we'll really and truly be in the best jeans ever game! So, if you're in the market for who-even-knew-jeans-could-be-this-comfortable jeans, that are also, in my opinion, perfect looking jeans for summer, these are them! So go to Old Navy and dig, dig, dig till you get your hands on a pair. WARNING: They are not clearanced online (WTF is up with that anyway?!), so check the store first.


I would also like to introduce you to the newest member of our family, Emma Puppy Glowicki. Thanks to Adelaide, Emma has a full name :) She's supposedly an Irish Wolfhound/Lab mix, about 5 years old. We were snagged her from a local shelter before everyone else realized one of the best dogs ever was there, lucky us! I'm still completely brokenhearted over losing Mr. Bowser and can't quite believe he's really gone, like really and truly gone for forever.... Yeah, that's not really one I can get my head around.... but having Emma around has been really great. Things feel a tiny bit more right in my world having a pooch around the house again. And I can't even begin to say how grateful I am that we were able to give her a good home, because she absolutely deserves it.


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