I'm debating the pros and cons of just changing the blog name to "This Camping Life" since that seems to be all I'm writing about lately... something to mull over later I guess ;)

So yes, I come to you again with a few camping photos to share. This particular trip actually took place at the very beginning of April, and we went to Daisy State Park up in Arkansas. If you're camping with kids along, I highly recommend this place! Not only were the sites beautiful (trees or situated along a peninsula with a great lake view), but there was also a really great park right at the entrance of the campgrounds, perfect biking or walking distance. And of course the most important part of choosing a location for any trip: proximity to good food. Breakfast and pie-type food to be exact :) Now we do enjoy a bit of campground cooking, hot dogs, smoked sausage, breakfast tacos and s'mores being staples, but going out for a yummy breakfast just really takes the trip to a whole new level. Put that breakfast place within 30 minutes and you've got a win.

Okay, infomercial over, on to a few pics...

 ^^ Sleeping arrangements went a little awry when we found Adelaide snug as a bug in a rug Jordan's sleeping bag, but after a few angry/confused/wtf-is-going-on-right-now? tears (I told you not to move her Jordan!), I had her settled in next to me and all was well with the world once again. And then we came home and bought her her own sleeping bag for next time :) ^^

 ^^ Taking in the sunrise with Daddy {insert googly heart eyes here} ^^

Between the park and the lake you can pretty much keep busy for most of the day. Next time I'm definitely going to have to squeeze the paddle board in with the Ural, the bikes, the scooter, the skateboards, the hammock.... I've never actually seen National Lampoon's Vacation, but I'm pretty sure a reference to it here would be appropriate. 

^^ Cause a nap in the kayak while Daddy's whacks you in the head accidentally with a paddle every 30 to 45 seconds is totally superior than the bed in the camper with a pillow and blanket and all that unnecessary mess meant to make you cozy. Clearly comfort is overrated folks. You heard it here first. ^^

Our new Eno Hammock however, is not in the least bit overrated. Loved it! Plus, those colors? Rad in the 90's-est way

^^ Tell me that doesn't scream Saved by the Bell. ^^

^^ And, one more of her looking adorbs standing outside of the super cute soda fountain that we didn't get to try. Damn you you silly customs condemning the consumption of ice cream, root beer floats and candy at 9 a.m. ^^

With the exception of the missed ice cream opportunity, I'd say it was another great trip. Adelaide is super excited to try out her new sleeping bag and asks if we can go camping again almost daily. In the meantime, she and "flaflingo" have been busy breaking it in at home.

Until next time....


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