Adelaide at two and half.... She is a talker. All day. Every day. Talk, talking, talking... Asking "Whyyy?" with this weird gravelly, drawn out inflection that you just have to hear. Asking "What?" in a very abrupt and perplexed way, like what you just said made absolutely no sense whatsoever. Again, you just have to hear it. And I hope that the fact that I've heard each one approximately 2,832 times means it has been cemented in my brain for all of eternity. Because as annoying and frustrating as it is to hear it for the 23rd time each day, it is also hilarious and endearing. How about a few more?

Adelaide: "Are you alright?"
Me: "Yes, are you alright?"
Adelaide: "I'm just impossible."
.... ain't that the truth?!?! ;) .....

Adelaide: "I'm dorable." Well, she is adorable, so... :)

Adelaide: "Are we going to the coin store?" And eventually figured out that she was referring to the dollar store.

Me: "Adelaide, you're so silly!"
Adelaide: "I'm not silly. I'm just crazy." 
.... again, she speaks the truth! ....

"I'm going to <fill in the blank> because it's 'eas-erie' for me." Whether it's putting on a particular pair of shoes, or climbing stairs a certain way, she likes doings things the easerie... easier.... way.

Me: "Would you like a snack?"
Adelaide: "Sure."

Me: "Can I share with you?"
Adelaide: "Of course." (Except the times when the answer is a resounding "No." ;)

"Down by the bay..... where the 'mel-mel' (watermelon) grows...

Flaflingo = Flamingo

Chicken Meal = Chicken Nugget Happy Meal

Garbie = Barbie

The toddler frustration is real. I am starting to see why it's called the terrible twos, though the "terrible-ness" certainly isn't defining of this stage. Cause man do we love this kid. And man, does she say the most hilarious things, and do the goofiest little dances and strike a pose like none other. Her smile and laugh are the sweetest, most genuine things I've ever experienced. So even on the hardest day when I'm hiding in my closet crying (literally!), convinced that there is no possible way I would ever be able to survive toddlerhood again if I make it though this time... even then, she's the best. But a nice trip to the movies for mom every once in awhile certainly helps :)

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