The stars finally aligned last weekend. Jordan didn't have to work and the weather was perfect. So what'd we do? Hooked up the camper, threw half of our belongings in the backseat and headed north. About three and half hours later we found ourselves in the Ouachita mountains of southeastern Oklahoma on a warm and sunny January Saturday. And you know what? It actually went great! The drive there, the night-time sleeping situation, the s'mores-making, the potty training and the Ural riding. The only thing that didn't happen? Naps. But she was in a fine mood nonetheless, and I think that may part of the reason she went to sleep at night so easily. It all went so well in fact, we're ready to head out again... maybe Death Valley next? Three and half hours of driving success must mean that 20+ hours is in the bag, right? ;)

^^ Note the pack n play impression on her forehead ^^

^^ My personal fav ^^

^^ Though this one comes in a very close second ^^

And here is where things went bad.... but not nearly bad enough to ruin the trip or anything...

^^ Adelaide and Daddy head up the hill. Looks innocent enough.... looks can be deceiving... ^^

^^ Down they go... ^^

^^ And here is where Jordan realizes that she's gonna be going waaaay to fast and soon..^^

^^ And here he realizes he's not catching up to her and decides to give on foot a go... ^^

^^ But on foot's not working either. This is also where I realized things were going south and took off for her too, but neither one of us caught up to her before she went out of control and crashed, face down to the ground. Luckily she had her helmet on and Jordan did catch her just as she hit the ground and kept the damage to a minimum: a scraped up knuckle. Props to Daddy for saving that precious face!  ^^

And there you have it, our first camping trip with Adelaide. It's definitely going down in the books as a huge success.


  1. THIS MAKES ME SOO HAPPY TO READ!!! LOVE IT! I sent you a link to mine about the family happenings under lifewithoutdiapers. CAMPING looked fun and I think I am ready to take the boys tent camping! --Katie W

  2. Hooray for a camping success story! I love the pictures—it looks so relaxing there, and the weather was perfect! I want to be adventurous enough to go camping with my little one!



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