Photos Adelaide took of herself her forehead, photos of Adelaide post licking the spoon, photos of Adelaide on the carousel, in the buggie, on her scooter, on her bike and in her very favorite dress up princess dress. That sweet face makes up a huge majority of my camera roll every single time :) I did however squeeze in a nice selfie with my mom and sister when we went and snooped toured house's for a Christmas tour of homes (that did nothing but intensify my love and desire for a lovely old house full of character and history), as well as a fun movie night with hot chocolate for me and Adelaide and a milkshake for Jordan and I even spotted the greatest chairs ever at Ross which #1, I DID NOT need or have room for and #2 were were 99 bucks a pop (!) and therefore were easy to say no to. I mean really, 99 bucks each for chairs at Ross? What's wrong with that scenario?  

Only 11 days til Christmas and I am sadly not feeling much in the Christmas spirit :( I think I may have been letting my completely over discussed todo list take over so much that I haven't really taken any time to enjoy the season much. But, we have a Christmas get together at my mom and dad's house this weekend, which is probably just what I need to get in the holiday spirit.

What sort of things help get you in the Christmas mood?

P.S. This is so late because I've been waiting since noon for a vlog I did to upload so I could give yall a link here. But it's now after 7pm and it's still saying it's got over one hundred minutes to go, so forget that. I'll link up to it in another post if/when it's ever done. Our internet is the definition of sucky today :(


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