Dress: F21, Scarf: Old (similar), Shoes: F21 (similar and similar)

Hmmm.... this is one of those outfits that looked a bit better in the mirror... mostly the mirror in my head, because the mirror in my closet was probably telling me, "That doesn't fit right!" and "Cut your legs off in a very unflattering place and look short much??" But then the mirror in my head grew a mouth and yelled back, "Noooooo! It's comfy and casual and cool, duh!" and "It's called a midi dress, that's how it's supposed to look!" and the mirror in my closet shouted back, "Nooooooo! Remember that midi dress that you were swooning over on Straight A Style? That's how a  midi dress is supposed to fit." And then I looked at the clock and our playgroup friends were going to be arriving in 30 minutes and I hauled it outside to take photos in the the only little patch of shade I could find that would keep me from having to tromp through the weird tropically wet grass that's been caused by the fact that Texas apparently didn't get the memo that it's Christmas week....

Yeah, it kinda went something like that.

So, now that we've gotten that episode of "Nikki is kinda a weirdo who talks to herself and even goes so far as to give voices to inanimate objects and creates completely imaginary things out of thin air to argue with said inanimate objects" out of the way, how about a little Christmas talk? That seems much more normal and reasonable right about now...

1. When is it OK to put up Christmas decorations?

The day after Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving and therefore refuse to insult the importance of it by dangling Christmas decorations in its face. Because obviously Thanksgiving has feelings that can, indeed, be hurt.

2. What's your favorite Christmas movie?

The Santa Clause

3. What's the worst thing about Christmas?

The depression that sets in around Christmas afternoon when everything the past month has been building up to is over. Just like, boom, that's it.

4. What's the best thing about Christmas?

The buildup and anticipation.

5. What's your favourite Christmas song of all time?

"Baby Please Come Home" by Hanson. [Here I need a threatening looking emoji that can be like, "What?" with a little chest puff]

6. Is it ever OK to wear a Christmas sweater?

Umm, yeah. Like, how would that answer ever be no??

7. What's the best part of a Christmas dinner?


8. If you could spend Christmas in any city, which?

McKinney, TX. Home for Christmas is right where I want to be. I might give NYC a try though :)

Okay, your turn! Choose one or do 'em all!


  1. Such an adorable dress!!


  2. I totally agree that the best part of Christmas dinner is the dessert! I'm wearing something loose and preparing to sample all the yummy treats at my family's Christmas Eve dinner tonight. And I think that you should definitely listen to the mirror in your head. lol! I think that dress looks amazing on you and I love those shoes!

    Sweet Helen Grace

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! You have such a beautiful family. What a cute blog post idea! You look fantastic in that striped dress. Loving this look!

    The Closet by Christie



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