The very merriest Christmas!

Love, The Glowickis



Dress: F21, Scarf: Old (similar), Shoes: F21 (similar and similar)

Hmmm.... this is one of those outfits that looked a bit better in the mirror... mostly the mirror in my head, because the mirror in my closet was probably telling me, "That doesn't fit right!" and "Cut your legs off in a very unflattering place and look short much??" But then the mirror in my head grew a mouth and yelled back, "Noooooo! It's comfy and casual and cool, duh!" and "It's called a midi dress, that's how it's supposed to look!" and the mirror in my closet shouted back, "Nooooooo! Remember that midi dress that you were swooning over on Straight A Style? That's how a  midi dress is supposed to fit." And then I looked at the clock and our playgroup friends were going to be arriving in 30 minutes and I hauled it outside to take photos in the the only little patch of shade I could find that would keep me from having to tromp through the weird tropically wet grass that's been caused by the fact that Texas apparently didn't get the memo that it's Christmas week....

Yeah, it kinda went something like that.

So, now that we've gotten that episode of "Nikki is kinda a weirdo who talks to herself and even goes so far as to give voices to inanimate objects and creates completely imaginary things out of thin air to argue with said inanimate objects" out of the way, how about a little Christmas talk? That seems much more normal and reasonable right about now...

1. When is it OK to put up Christmas decorations?

The day after Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving and therefore refuse to insult the importance of it by dangling Christmas decorations in its face. Because obviously Thanksgiving has feelings that can, indeed, be hurt.

2. What's your favorite Christmas movie?

The Santa Clause

3. What's the worst thing about Christmas?

The depression that sets in around Christmas afternoon when everything the past month has been building up to is over. Just like, boom, that's it.

4. What's the best thing about Christmas?

The buildup and anticipation.

5. What's your favourite Christmas song of all time?

"Baby Please Come Home" by Hanson. [Here I need a threatening looking emoji that can be like, "What?" with a little chest puff]

6. Is it ever OK to wear a Christmas sweater?

Umm, yeah. Like, how would that answer ever be no??

7. What's the best part of a Christmas dinner?


8. If you could spend Christmas in any city, which?

McKinney, TX. Home for Christmas is right where I want to be. I might give NYC a try though :)

Okay, your turn! Choose one or do 'em all!



Today was the day for my yearly tradition of baking up a treat to take around to our neighbors. This year I decided to go with these White Chocolate & Cranberry cookies, and I even filmed myself doing it! If you want check out my attempt at being the Pioneer Woman, head over to my YouTube Channel to see the video!

Now, here's the recipe:

White Chocolate & Cranberry Cookies

1/2 C. Butter, softened
1/2 C. Brown Sugar
1/2 C. White Sugar
1 Egg
1 T. Brandy or Vanilla
1 1/2 C. All Purpose Flour
1/2 t. Baking Soda
3/4 C. White Chocolate Chips
1 C. Cranberries

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). Grease or line cookie sheets.

In a large bowl, cream together the butter, brown sugar, and white sugar until smooth. Beat in the egg and brandy. Combine the flour and baking soda; stir into the sugar mixture. Mix in the white chocolate chips and cranberries. Drop by heaping spoonfuls onto prepared cookie sheets.

Bake for 8 to 10 minutes in the preheated oven. For best results, take them out while they are still doughy. Allow cookies to cool for 1 minute on the cookie sheets before transferring to wire racks to cool completely.

Here they are all packaged up and ready to be delivered...

Let me know what you think if you try them! What's your favorite treat to bake and/or eat around the holidays?



If you've been following along for a while, then you know my typical posting schedule is Monday - Wednesday - Friday. Well, I do have a post for you, however the slowest DSL known to man has struck again. Here I sit, again, waiting for a video to upload to go with my post for today. It has been several hours already and still says it's got two to go! Well, it's 9pm and I'm not staying up til 11 to mess with all that. And anyway, most people have probably already lost interest in finding out what I may've had to say for today. Hope you'll check back tomorrow when today's post finally graces the internet.



It's certainly no secret by now that I like to coordinate with Adelaide, as seen in my previous Mommy Daughter Style posts here and here. Well, Christmastime is certainly not going to be any different! Since I didn't really have much in the way of "festive" in my closet, I did a little shopping for a few options and these are what I came up with. Now I'm just going to need to decide on which outfit to actually wear for Christmas and which ones I must part ways with :( I'm leaning toward the first one since we don't really do fancy round these parts (I'm finxin' to pull my Texan out ain't I?). I guess I'll just have to live vicariously through the movies depicting the fancy company parties, and have fun playing dress up at home. And while the photos would lead you to believe otherwise (getting a toddler to cooperate with photos is rough even on the best of days!), Adelaide actually enjoyed playing dress up with me too. Put her in a dress and she's happy. Make it shiny or poufy and that's all the better. Put Mommy in sequins or something twirly and you've got a winning situation on our hands. Til you ask her to smile at the camera that is.

Here are our outfit details:


Me - Tee: Target, Skirt: Target (don't see black online, but I just found it in the store recently), Shoes: Target (super old)
Adelaide - Tee: JC Penny, Skirt: Target, Boots: Wal-Mart (not on site, similar)


Me - Shirt: Target (similar), Skirt: Target, Boots: F21
Adelaide - Dress: Target, Shoes: Target , Hair Clip: Made by moi ;)

^^ Me pleading for one last go :) ^^

 ^^ Dancing through it proved to be just the trick ^^

Me - Dress: Dillards, Necklace: Charming Charlie (found on clearance rack, similar), Shoes: Target (same super old ones as in the first outfit)
Adelaide - Dress: Old Navy, Tights: Old Navy (believe it or not there are actually no red tights on their site right now :/, similar), Shoes: Target, Hair Clip: One more made by me back in the days of infancy when I had time for such things :)

Hope you enjoyed the boatload of photos and outfit ideas! I know coordinating is popular for family photos around this time of the year, but do you like to carry it on through any celebrations and gatherings?

Also, a quick Flashback Fashion Friday with Adri Lately. I'm going to flash back to this post from December last year, because I like it. Not Christmassy at all, I just like it :)



^^ For some reason my actual smiles tend to correlate perfectly with my eyes closing, therefore a mid-word stylish expression is the best I can come up with for a thumbnail. Now that I have dealt with that problem several times (fool me 4 times, then shame x4 on me?) maybe I'll do better next time... ^^

If you one of those people who are filling the stockings that Santa doesn't take care of, and are still looking for ideas for stocking stuffers, I may have just the item for you! Check out the Stocking Stuffers video on my YouTube channel!

Among stocking stuffer ideas, you will also get to see just how much I apparently do not know how to wink (i.e. both eyes closing, amazingly awkward and not the least bit subtle) and hear the nap time shenanigans in the background that are so common around our house mid day.



In case you're still scrambling to wrap up <---- like that :) your Christmas shopping, I thought I would put together a few ideas that might suit someone on your list, or maybe inspire an idea you hadn't thought of yet. I did a ton of my Christmas shopping on Amazon this year, which if you know me is no surprise. Amazon is probably the most often used predicted text on my phone. Whatever. It's convenient. Especially if you have Amazon Prime (which I, of course, do!), because you can get free 2-day shipping on tons of items. With time running out, Prime shopping is a great option if you don't have time to get to the stores or just don't feel like fighting the ever present crowds this time of year. 

This totally sounds like a sales pitch, and while I am including affiliate links here, I'm truly only going on like this because I constantly buy things from Amazon and I really do love it. So, on to links if you're interested in any of the above items:

Burt's Bees A Burt's Bees set is super affordable and sure to be appreciated!

Lip Gloss If you have a beauty lover still on your list, this Smashbox lip gloss set might just fit the bill.

Heated Throw Anything in the realm of cozy as we head into Winter is a good bet!

Notepad Have a list-maker on your list? 

Table Topics I got this for Jordan's stocking last year (though it could no longer hang by the chimney once it was in!) and we've really enjoyed going through the cards (a year later and we've still got tons we haven't made it to yet). I would definitely recommend this for anyone! There are tons of different sets too, so you should be able to find one to suit whoever you're buying for.

Moscow Mule Mugs I've been seeing these everywhere lately! There are tons of options on Prime, from single mugs to sets. There's probably one (or a set) to suit just about anyone on your list.

Headphones Obviously there about 10,382+ headphone options, but I thought these were particularly cool. And with the way stuff like this gets lost, who couldn't use a pair or even a spare?

Beer Making Kit If you've got a beer drinker on your list, this could be fun! Several flavor options available.

Scooter Adelaide got a scooter like this for Christmas last year and she's been riding it every single day lately. This one is awesome because it can transition from a sit down scooter for younger ones, to a classic stand and push scooter for older ones.

Piggy Paint For the little ladies on your list, Piggy Paint is a lot of fun!

Drone If my nephews are any indication, drones are where it's at for the boys :)

Where are you in your Christmas shopping? Pretty well done or lots to go?

Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission (we're not talking a new wardrobe here, more like a few coins to rub together :). Regardless, I only recommend products  I use personally and/or believe others may enjoy. Thank you for supporting the companies that support me and my family!



Almost 9 hours later, my Vlog is finally up on my YouTube Channel. Head on over to see it if you'd like!


Photos Adelaide took of herself her forehead, photos of Adelaide post licking the spoon, photos of Adelaide on the carousel, in the buggie, on her scooter, on her bike and in her very favorite dress up princess dress. That sweet face makes up a huge majority of my camera roll every single time :) I did however squeeze in a nice selfie with my mom and sister when we went and snooped toured house's for a Christmas tour of homes (that did nothing but intensify my love and desire for a lovely old house full of character and history), as well as a fun movie night with hot chocolate for me and Adelaide and a milkshake for Jordan and I even spotted the greatest chairs ever at Ross which #1, I DID NOT need or have room for and #2 were were 99 bucks a pop (!) and therefore were easy to say no to. I mean really, 99 bucks each for chairs at Ross? What's wrong with that scenario?  

Only 11 days til Christmas and I am sadly not feeling much in the Christmas spirit :( I think I may have been letting my completely over discussed todo list take over so much that I haven't really taken any time to enjoy the season much. But, we have a Christmas get together at my mom and dad's house this weekend, which is probably just what I need to get in the holiday spirit.

What sort of things help get you in the Christmas mood?

P.S. This is so late because I've been waiting since noon for a vlog I did to upload so I could give yall a link here. But it's now after 7pm and it's still saying it's got over one hundred minutes to go, so forget that. I'll link up to it in another post if/when it's ever done. Our internet is the definition of sucky today :(



Jacket: F21 (similar), Tee: Target, Jeans (slightly altered by me :) Target , Boots: F21 (similar and similar)

I'm walking down the road with Adelaide as she rides her scooter...

Me: Okay, it's time to turn around.
Adelaide: Why?
Me: Because we got to the driveway where we have to turn around. See? (As I point out the turnaround point we have set.)
Adelaide: Why?
Me: Because we're almost to the big road where all of the cars are driving really fast.
Adelaide: Why?

-- All of 2 minutes later --

Me: Uh oh, let's get in the grass.
Adelaide: Why?
Me: Because there's a car coming.
Adelaide: Why?
Me: I don't know, I guess they need to go somewhere.
Adelaide: Why?

-- A similarly minuscule bit of time later --

Me: Be careful.
Adelaide: Why?
Me: Because you're going toward the creek. You don't want to fall in.
Adelaide: Why?
Me: Because it would hurt.
Adelaide: Why?


I give up.




Tee: F21 (similar), Jeans: Old Navy, Boots: F21 (old, sort of similar)

When I sat down to think about what I wanted to write about today, topic after over-talked-about topic popped in my head. Nothing new. Nothing original. Nothing helpful. Nothing particularly interesting. I think you probably get the point. 

This is pretty much what's running through my head right now:

I am So. Freaking. Sleeeeeeepy.

I need to get on that dang DIY project that I've been putting off for weeks, or else I'll have nothing to give a particular person come Christmas. Boy do I regret taking that on, because it's intimidating the crap out of me and I think there's probably something like an 95.5% chance that it's going to turn out total crap. So the sooner I get on that, the better, given that I'll probably need time to shop for an alternative.

Why the heck is it so warm today? It's December! And why the heck am I inside instead of outside enjoying it? 

How is it possible that I have felt completely busy every day for at least the last two+ weeks, and yet my to do list isn't getting any shorter?

Our office is a total disaster area. Guess that's one more thing to add to the to do list and that's why it's not getting any shorter.

How long can I kick the "choose a new health insurance plan" can down the road before I totally screw myself over?

Does a few whole wheat noodles with tomato sauce + a bunch of pomegranate = a healthy lunch considering I really wanted Frosted Flakes?

I really want to watch the new Zoella video and vlog right now.

I really want to watch Dawson's Creek right now.

I really want to take a nap right now.

I don't have time to do anything I want to do right now.

What sort of things do you have running through your head right now?



So, I thought I would give making a favorites video a go over the weekend, and let me tell you, it was far more difficult that I expected it to be! It is currently up on my YouTube channel if you like to have a look. If I was really telling you about my most favorite things over the last month, it would've sounded more like "This brownie in a mug with a GIANT scoop of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla on top (I half the brownie recipe)... Reign (did anyone watch the most recent episode??? Hoooooly drama batman! My life will have a huge, unfillable void if that show gets cancelled like Jordan is predicting :( It is SOOO GOOOOD!)... Dawson's Creek since I discovered it in reruns on POP (I have been gorging myself on it every chance I get... like 5 episodes in a row while I was cooking on Thanksgiving Day! Gotta love it when Daddy's on toddler duty!), Blood & Oil..." Mostly just a bunch of TV, which is kinda odd since I don't really get to sit and watch that much TV anymore (with the exception of Thanksgiving Day obviously, though there wasn't all that much sitting or watching come to think of it). Maybe that's why it seems like such an amazing luxury? Point being, it was hard for me to come up with physical things to show you/reccomend. Next time however, I think I will try to remember to include some of these things, because who doesn't like an amazing TV show recommendation or a syndication tip? Actually, I don't really care for TV show recommendations because I never want to try to catch up once I've already missed a million character introductions and plot twists. 

Ramble, ramble, ramble.

I did want to include these songs though, but you shoulda seen the ridiculousness that was me trying to show you clips of the videos. Awkward and awkward (see the last outtake for the least awkward of them all and then imagine it, oh.... maybe 10 million times more awkward and maybe you'll get the picture). So I'll just give you those links to those right here :) 

*Fair Warning: My taste in music may not being pleasing across the board, so proceed with an open mind ;)

And here are links to a few of the items I did mention in the video, as well as options for similar items that aren't currently available online:

Nike Internationalist (don't see the same color, but these black & grey ones are cool!)

F21 Chelsea Boots (no longer on site, similar)

Now, please tell me, what are some of your favorite things over the past month? Makeup, products, TV, songs? Tell me, tell me, tell me!



Hat: F21 (old, similar), Necklace: Charming Charlie, Shirt: Old Navy, Jeggings: Old Navy, Booties: F21 (no longer on site, similar)

Okay, well my very favorite blogger/best friend in my head Sydney (from The Daybook) has officially jumped on board the over the knee boot bandwagon, and so I now feel that I must do the same. She is pretty much my numero uno fashion inspiration, and I am always more than willing to shamelessly copy use as inspiration pretty much anything she wears. Maybe I should've put some over the knee boots on my Holiday Gift Guide? They really are popping up everywhere aren't they? Lemme just find you a few good options here real quick like, k? 

Okay, here, herehere, and here. You're welcome ;)

Also, I'm linking up for Flashback Fashion Friday on Adri Lately again, and I'm going to flashback to Christmas Party! from last December. I like the way this outfit nods toward the holiday season without fully smacking you across the face with it.

Now that that's done, tell me, what are your opinions on the over the knee boot thing?



Today I thought I'd share with you a few things that have been catching my eye lately. If you're looking for ideas for your own wish list or to give to one of the many deserving women in your life, I may have just the item for you. So, here we go...

I have never been a bath person. At least not as long as I can remember. But something about being the mom of a now toddler suddenly has me craving the peace and quite and relaxation of a nice bath for the first time in my life. As such, a few lush goodies would be a great bet for any other ragged moms like myself, or those bath lovers in your life. I particularly like these: bath melt, bubble bar, and bath bomb because you'd be able to break them in half for two lovely relaxation sessions. They can get a bit pricey, so might as well make the most of each one!

Being the mom of toddler has not only had me craving the peace of a bath from time to time, but it also has me paying a little more attention to my skin. She's giving me the wrinkles guys! So, skin care is becoming more of a concern. Like baths, I've never really been a skin care person :/ I just don't know much about it. But, I did get the sample pack of the 3 Little Wonders once and loved it. But again, it's pricey, so I never went back for the full size. What better time than Christmas to really treat someone though? Bonus right now, there's a cleanser included for the same price! Yeeee-ah!

Now, a two-fer. For the skin conscious bath lover, how about the Book of Masks? Hop in a nice lush-ous (like that?) bath and slather on a lovely mask. Check and check. (Sidenote, I went in Sephora for a sec over the weekend and the ladies there had nothing but good things to say about these masks. Has anyone tried them?)

Urban Decay's Naked3 seems to be perfect for those green-eyed ladies with some nice rosey and purple hues. I've never used anything but drugstore eye shadows personally, but from what I understand, there is a difference. Also, check out Naked and Naked2 for other color combos.

Now for the shoe lovers in your life, here are three options that I love and are very on trend right now. A beautiful bootie, duck boots (Oh no! They're off the website {Old Navy}, dang black friday rush :( Hopefully they'll come back in stock before the holidays, here's a super cute, though more expensive version. I'm dying to get my hands on this toddler version for Adelaide which are currently sold out as well, grrr...) and lace-up flats.

Finally, a nice new bag is always a good bet. If she's a new mom in need of a diaper bag, I would strongly suggest going with a backpack style. This one is definitely on the pricey side (but so cute and looks super functional), so it would probably be worth a little shopping around for a cheaper version. Let's use this one as eye candy and inspiration, because is any diaper bag really worth almost 200 bucks? I'm not 100% convinced. For the photography hobbyist, here is a super affordable and functional camera bag. And why not throw in a pretty purse? I love the bows, but that one will probably need to be considered on a case by case basis :)

What's on your wish list this year??


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