How was everyone's Halloween? Ours was pretty good. Adelaide got so much more candy that we could ever know what to do with, but with trick-or-treating, sometimes it's hard to know when to stop! So, to sum our Halloween night up: There was no getting a good family photo, Adelaide simply was not having it. Probably 20 minutes or so in, Adelaide started saying she wanted to "Go home." More often than not she was asking to be picked up and whining, even crying sometimes, when we'd get her out of the wagon or put her down to go trick-or-treat. Overall, there were very few smiling moments, but I don't think it was complete torture for her. After talking to friend with a daughter the same age today, it sounds like Adelaide wasn't the only one with a less than exuberant attitude that night.

^^ We were able to get her a little more in the Halloween sprit with periodic sugar rations. ^^

And now a buncha photos for your viewing pleasure...

^^ This is the victory smile of a toddler who has just escaped her parents who were desperately trying to get one good photo with her. Adelaide = 1, Mom & Dad = 0 ^^

 ^^ See what I mean? It's like she was being forced to go house to house for free candy! :) ^^

So, maybe not quite the trick-or-treat outing I was expecting, but fun (for me at least) nonetheless. Maybe next year?


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