How was everyone's holiday? Ours was pretty great. Above is the only picture I have from that day, sent to me by my brother-in-law. While I wish I had more photos to share, I'm pretty in love with this one. Trying to squeeze that many people into a group selfie was pretty fun :)

Here's a short video of the kids having a blast after dinner. And after dessert I'm thinking! **Warning: This probably will not be in the least bit interesting to anyone not directly related to us :)

The day after Thanksgiving? Well, let's just say Adelaide was feeling pretty much exactly the opposite of how she was feeling on Thanksgiving. I guess all of the excitement and the late bedtime wore her down pretty good, and she let us be aware of that fact all. day. long. But, by Saturday she was back to her old self and danced the night away at a quinceanera. 

We rounded things out with a quick visit to see the one and (not) only Santa Claus! I may or may not have bribed her with sweet tarts to get her on his lap. Hey, whatever it takes. I love that it looks like she's smiling and nothing but happy to be there. But look closely and you'll see the stealthy grip keeping her arms down rather than reaching out to me that can only have been perfected after many years of practice. Good job Santa!

My holiday to do list is already getting longer than feels manageable and things just seem to keep being added. That is the way of things isn't it? I did however get a couple of gifts bought and wrapped (though Adelaide already unwrapped one...). So now I'm going to go try to knock a couple more things off now, first up being to finish up a Christmas gift guide/wish list type of thing that I'm planning to post on Wednesday. If I covertly add "take a nap" to the very top, does that mean I have no other choice but to do just that??

What sort of things do you already have on your holiday to do list?


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