Less than a week guys! Less than a week until it'll be time to devote a whole entire day to thinking about all the things in our lives we have to be thankful for, maybe watching a little football and of course, stuffing ourselves to the point of extreme discomfort. What could make that day any better? Well, I'm glad you asked. Coordinating your outfits, that's what! And of course I am here to provide you with a little bit of inspiration. And fear not, all of the following outfits feature either an elastic waistband, or no waistband at all. Because that is the very most important prerequisite of any good Thanksgiving outfit.

When putting together coordinating outfits, it helps to have neutrals available to make the process super simple. I promise, if you have black, white, gray, brown or cream in your closet, you can come up with something that will coordinate and look ahhh-dorable with few to no additional purchases necessary.

But can we just pause for a quick second to note how little my baby girl looks in this photo. 

Awww! My little sweetie pea, sugaree, lovey, baby girl... Am I getting carried away?

Okay, moving on then.

Me: Sweater (old, similar and similar), Jeggings, Shoes (old, similar-ish and similar-ish), Necklace, Lipstick (number 30)
Adelaide: Sweater, Shirt, Shorts (Old Navy, no longer on site, similar and similar) , Tights, Shoes

If you're a lunch-ing kind of family, or just like to keep things caj, this is a great and easy way to go. Choose the same neutral for all peeps involved and then decide on a lovely fall color to incorporate in some way for each person. I am loving the maroon, burgundy, oxblood (whatever they're calling it these days) everywhere this year, so I pulled that in a lot.

Me: Sweater, Skirt, Booties (old, similar), Lipstick (number 30)
Adelaide: Dress, Tights, Boots

Next up is a slightly more dressed up, but still comfy and easy option. Midi skirts are big right now, and with a cozy sweater and some booties you've got a great option. Again, choose a neutral to keep consistent through all outfits, here it's brown with the shoezies. Can you tell I spend my days talking almost entirely to a toddler?

Me: Dress (old, similar and similar), Sweater, Booties, NecklaceLipstick (number 30)
Adelaide: Dress, Boots

Finally is the most dressed up version I myself would ever go with. Since we host Thanksgiving at our house, it's a busy day full of cooking and various preparations, so being comfortable is key no matter what level of "dressiness" I'm going for. Here a loose dress and cozy sweater would be super easy to run around in all day, but throw your hair in a bun and add heeled booties and a necklace, and you'll instantly look put together and ready for a nice dinner. 

Now I just need to decide which one to actually wear on the big day... more likely, Adelaide will choose which one she wants to wear on the big day and I'll just work around it. This little girl you guys... she is majorly developing her own taste and has strong opinions when it comes to what she wears. One of the first things out of her mouth each and every morning? "I need a dress." I'm kinda loving it and maaaaybe I'm already daydreaming about going shopping together and lending her things out of my closet when she's older. Probably just one more illusion that will be shattered. My naivete and idealism just keeps getting shattered time and time again lately!

But you know what? I don't even care, cause this: 

Also, just to make a long post even longer... I'm participating in Flashback Fashion Friday over at Adri Lately again. Check it out if you're in need of more fashion inspiration or just want to do a bit of perusing! I'm going to throw back to a post from this time last year when it was actually cold. Check out the full post: My Kind of Wine.


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Your daughter is gorgeous. I love your hair also!


    1. Thank you so much! I'm so lucky she lets me drag her to do things like this with me!



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