Sorry I'm running so late today guys! But you know, the day before Thanksgiving equals heaven, cause it's baking day :) It was quite a busy and productive day I'd say, with one cheesecake, one pumpkin roll and a batch of divinity down and lots more fun to be had tomorrow! Man I love Thanksgiving!

So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, it's about time to start thinking about why it is that we stuff ourselves full of food every 4th Thursday in November. And as much as I'd love to steer clear of the obvious, it's just what I have to go for, because it's just really the thing that I'm very, very most thankful for. My family. My extended family. My sweet little family of four (I'm talking about Bowser, all of you who started counting off and wondering if this was some sort of little announcement :) I'm just beyond grateful to have so many wonderful people to share my life with and so thankful that Adelaide has them too.

And while I'm at it, one more thing... I'm also so thankful for the natural ups and downs in relationships. Being at the peak of a particularly high high right now sure makes it so clear as to why we muddle through those lows. Every single day isn't going to leave you feeling like you've got this amazing life spreading out before you (though you do), but on days like these, when it does feel exactly that way, it's really awesome. And it builds up in you so you have something to pull from on those other days, when it's a little harder to see. I'm so thankful for this time of year and the way it really helps you zero in on the multitude of things that make you so very lucky to be you and have exactly what you have.

I hope everyone has a safe and warm Thanksgiving, spent with those or thinking of those who mean the most to you. I'll see you back here on Monday and maybe I'll even have some shopping to share with you :) 

So, what are you thankful for this year? I'd love to hear from yall!

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  1. Such a beautiful family picture! And a great point on the ups and downs of relationships too ♥



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