Running around in the sprinkler, Six Flags, movies, bike rides, swings... what are your memories of summer vacation as a kid? I enjoyed the typical summer antics, but I also indulged in some not-so-typical summer activities, such as making a Christmas countdown chain. You know, those little paper chains? Yeah, I made one of those to count down the days til Christmas during summer vacation on more than one occasion. So, needless to say, the Christmas countdown is a tradition that is near and dear to my heart, and I am so excited to start it up this year with Adelaide. So, if you're looking to get a countdown going this year too, now's the time to get to thinking about it! Remember, you don't just have to get it made, you've also got to get whatever surprises you want to use all ready!

To start you'll need to cut 1x2's (or whatever you have lying around) into the following lengths:

I started out planning to make just enough space for 24 days, so the countdown would start on the typical day of December 1st. But, it just looked funny with the shorter board on the bottom, and I didn't really want to have blank spots or uneven spacing, so I just decided to go with the longer board on bottom and increased the countdown to fit 28 days. Even better!

Next, get your slats spaced out evenly...

And nail 'em in. Brad em in? I used Jordan's brad nailer. He picked it up at Harbor Freight when we were building Adelaide's playhouse, and has been loving it. And it's super easy to use, even for a novice like mio. So, if you know of anyone in the market, it might make an excellent Christmas gift. So anyway, just put a couple brads in each one for now so that you can still wiggle them around a bit to make sure they're level a little later.


Next, it's time to figure out a base. I went with this weird setup, because it was something I could put together myself without the use of any additional tools or hands on deck. It's really sturdy, so I'm thinkin' I musta done something right :) And if you're not in love with the way it looks, it could easily be covered with a cute tree skirt. That was my plan going in, but once it was all painted, I was totally fine with how it looked. So, for the base... first this:

Then this:

Here's a close up of how I attached these. Just a few brads in at an angle. Maybe not the most professional way of doing things, but #1, it worked, and #2, you won't even notice them once it's painted. In my book that equals a perfect success.

Now that you can stand it upright, it's time to make sure all of your slats are level and shoot in a few more brads just to make sure it's all nice and sturdy.

You should now have something kinda like this, only with the bottom board being longer. See what I mean? It just looks a little goofy with that shorter board on bottom.

Time for a coat of paint (and a swap out of that goofy looking short bottom board if you're me ;)...

Now all that's left is a bit of decorating. I found these cute little clothes pins a Michael's for $1.50/package, as well as the star on top which I just slapped a quick coat of paint on. Bada bing, bada boom! (There just miiiight also be a tiny version of the tree hanging around becuase attempt numero uno was a little ill conceived, ha! Porch decoration anyone?)

And finally, I made the little numbers using my Cricut and I found these cute little polka dot craft paper bags in the dollar section, now known as "Bullseye's Playground" at Target. Did yall know that's what it's called now? Well, now ya do! Told you I'd be back there :/ 

For filling the bags, I'm thinking I'll do a mixture of sweet treats and activities. The activities I've come up with so far are: Bake Christmas cookies, hot chocolate and a movie, go look at Christmas lights... I've got a little ways to go! Any more suggestions? Pleeeease and thank you!


  1. This is an amazing and fun idea! Love it!

    xo Lauren

    1. Thank you! Adelaide has been loving it! It was definitely worth all the work!

  2. Where's mine seester!?! Love it!!

    1. I need that emoji that's looking sideways with the straight face like, "Ummmm....." ;)



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