Hey guys! I hope everyone has enjoyed all of my posts on how we built Adelaide's playhouse. Today I have the final post in the DIY Crate Wood Playhouse Series: photos of the inside! I absolutely love how it all came together, and Adelaide has been really enjoying it as well. 

First up is the play kitchen I made. I grabbed this old entertainment center off VarageSale (looove this app!) for ten bucks. I took the many, many samples  of blue/green/turquoise/aqua paint that I've collected over the years and mixed them to make the paint color. I removed the old glass door on the left side and replaced it with two small doors cut out of plywood to make the refrigerator. I moved the hinges on the door for the oven so that it would open down, and painted the inside black. The sink is a stainless bowl that came in a set that I've had for years, and the faucet we got from my FIL who had it lying around. The stove top... I painted the black square, used my Cricut to cut the circles for the burners out of this paper and used the knobs that came with Adelaide's dresser (I bought new knobs for it) for the stove controls (controls? For the life of me I can't think of a better way to describe that. Stove knobs? Whatevs, you get the point). 

These lights are soooo adorable! They actually put out a decent bit of light if we're out after dark, but even during the day they really add so much charm to the inside! 


Check out that amazing metallic epoxy floor that Jordan did! I think it's pretty clear that this playhouse has all the bells and whistles. Thank you for the epoxy floor Glow CoatingsAdelaide is only 2 and she's already getting quite a bit of use out of the playhouse. I can only imagine the fun she'll have in there in the years to come! If you have any questions about anything related to the playhouse, please feel free to ask and I'll do my very best to get you some answers!

I also did a quick video tour of the playhouse over on my YouTube channel, so check that out if you interested. If you know anyone who you think might be interested in this series, do me a solid and share this ;) I've even got super convenient share buttons down below to make it easy as pie!

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    1. Thanks so much! I must admit, it's kinda my dream house in mini size :)

  2. You guys are ah-mazing! What a special birthday gift for Adelaide that was made with so much love. I enjoyed this whole series and seeing the process unfold. Most adorable playhouse ever!

  3. Si cool!!! how many feets is the playhouse?

  4. You are very inspiring with your blog. Great job. I gotta go get busy on my design!

  5. my kids want me to build this but we don't know how expensive this is. Please can you please tell me how expensive this is?

  6. Love this playhouse. Can you please post cost to build this?