Did I tell y'all that I got Jordan tickets to see My Morning Jacket for our anniversary? Well, I did. And that's what we did on Saturday night. But not before hitting 5 Guys for dinner. Have you had 5 Guys? If not, go. Now. I'll wait. 

Good, wasn't it?

So anyway, the show was cool. My Morning Jacket is way more Jordan's thing, and he really enjoyed it. So, win. But there was a lot of jamming. Like on and on and on and on and on.... you get the picture. Not exactly my cup of tea. But they did play my favorite song and the light show was pretty gnarly. And I thoroughly enjoyed watching the dude in front of me trying to put the mack on the chick next to him for most of the show. (He bought her two drinks and did the hand on the lower back thing when he leaned in to yell in her ear, as you have to do at shows. Smooth guy. They did not leave together, in case you're wondering. I didn't even see so  much as a phone number exchange go down.)

Then, my Giants won on Sunday! And mom brain also snagged another one for the win column. Where was I at 3:00 on Sunday? Sitting on the couch gearing up for the game. Where was I supposed to be at 3:00 on Sunday? Sitting at Fuzzy's with my friends chatting and eating chips and queso, and maybe sipping a margarita. That was the plan. The plan that I was totally and completely excited about and looking forward to. The plan that ran and hid in the darkest recesses of my brain (along with everything else I ever knew!) until I was lying down to go to sleep last night when it suddenly jumped out and said "HELLOOOOOOO! Remember me?!?!" To which I answered, "Well, obviously not!" I really need to start writing ev.ry.thing. down.


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