Outfit that you've probably seen before: Shirt: Old Navy, Skirt: F21, Sandals & Sunnies: Target

Last night, as I was lying in bed waiting for sleep to take over (which doesn't usually take long for me, lucky I know), I was composing a blog post in my head. It was going to be a good one. At least it was going to be about something specific, rather than just a ramble. Too bad I don't have the slightest idea what it was about. I guess that's the thing about the things you think before you go to sleep. If they put you to sleep, they must not be that important. Or interesting. Maybe we're all better off that I don't remember.

In Halloween news, the great costume debate is officially over at our house. Adelaide's costume preference started out as a kitty cat. Then upon seeing this costume, it quickly changed to robot where it stayed firmly at number one until I actually threw together a sample for her to try on, at which point she cocked her head to the side with a crooked negotiation type of smirk and said, "Maybe a kitty cat." So, kitty cat stuck for several days, though at one point I successfully convinced her to be a fox. It didn't take long for me to realize that finding a matching orange shirt and pants was going to be far more difficult that it should be, at which point we dropped that idea. So, we were going to stick with kitty cat, much to my displeasure. I mean a kitty cat is cute, sure. But let's face it, not the most original costume to grace Halloween night. So, as we were looking for a much easier to find black shirt and pants, Adelaide came across a fuzzy coat and decided she wanted to be a sheep (also one I had tried to convince her of previously, though she wasn't taking that bait at the time). I guess once she realized she would get to be covered in something soft and fuzzy, she was all in. That girl likes herself some good soft and fuzzy. And now that that costume is about 75% complete, she has no choice but to stick with it. How's that for a great "How we settled on this Halloween costume" story?

Anyone want a little sneak peak?

Also, how bad would it be if I put a boxed dye over the highlights I just had done by a professional and paid good money for? I don't know what I was thinking. While I've coveted many gorgeous heads of hair covered in highlights, I've never really felt like I'm personally much of a highlights person. And with the current length and bangs I just had trimmed up again, it's feeling a little more suburban soccer mom than I would typically go for. My indecisive bone is making really hard for me to decide what to do here...


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