^^ Does gazing at your sleeping child ever get old?? I'm guessing no. ^^

It's 3 a.m. and you stir a bit, waking up ever so slightly. You roll over and head right back into dreamland or you fumble for the monitor in the dark hoping against hope that your toddler is still fast asleep in her bed. At least I'm assuming that's the difference between having said toddler still in a crib vs. well, not. 

Adelaide had her two year checkup at the doctor today (A+'s across the board, and on track to be a slightly below average 5'3" just like her mommy :), and her doctor mentioned that age two is about the time to start thinking about transitioning out of the crib. Particularly considering that she does like to hike that leg up there when asking to get out, making it painfully clear that she knows exactly what she's doing and that it is only her slightly below average height that's stopping her. So, rather than wait to hear the thud and scream that would surely follow her first successful escape, I'm leaning more toward getting it over with before we get that far. 

I'm thinking we'll start off with putting her mattress right on the floor (less distance to fall, right?) and maybe setting up her tent over top, thus creating some boundaries and hopefully a sense of safety and coziness? I originally saw this idea over on Love Taza, and it seemed to work pretty well for them. Plus, who wouldn't want to sleep on a mattress in a tent?!? She just might have to kick me out of that sweet setup! But before I do anything, I know I first need to baby/toddler proof like I've never baby/toddler proofed before.

Please feel free to share any tips, tricks, suggestions, warnings, stories... it's all welcome!

P.S. Whaddaya think about the new blog look? I'm kinda obsessed in the very best way!


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