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Imagine someone tells you to online shop to your heart's desire. Well, online window shop at least. Now make a list of all your favorite things. Sounds like fun, right? To me at least, yeah. That would certainly equal a good time. 

Normally I have a lot of fun putting together wish lists for the blog, but this time it was rough. I've been working on it off and on for probably two weeks, just not really able to find much that really caught my eye. Shopping has really kinda been that way ever since Adelaide came along. Particularly since I started staying home. I guess between things not fitting like it did pre-child, and the change in lifestyle, first becoming a mom and then becoming a stay-at-home-mom, I've just felt a little bit lost when it comes to my personal style. Also, I know it sounds totally un-grownup to say, but I think becoming a mom has made me feel a little more like a grown up and maybe my taste is starting to reflect that (?), rendering half my closet undesirable for me (not that that has stopped me from jumping on plenty of trend bandwagons, however briefly.)

In the end, I've come to a couple of conclusions. #1, my love affair with Forever 21 may be coming to an end. At least the quantity over quality items I've so loved in the past. Seven dollar jeans included. #2, I need to broaden my horizons store-wise. But being the previously Forever 21 loyalist has left me with very unreal expectations when it comes to pricing. I already have an inclination toward being somewhat frugal, but Forever 21 has made me downright cheap. #3, I really just want to go shoe shopping. Can I just skip the clothes and wear several pairs of shoes every day?

So, spill! Where do you shop for affordable clothes? And shoes. The cheap bug is totally cramping my shoe shopping style too. Leave a comment or share your suggestions on Facebook!


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