You dress up, and you get candy. That's how it works :)

I recently shared with yall the story of how we came to a final decision on the Halloween costume front. Now I thought I would share with you how to make said costume, because guys, it's ridiculously adorable and ridiculously easy. Unfortunately, I didn't make Adelaide's costume with the intention of sharing a how-to on the blog, so I didn't take pictures of the process. Fortunately, it was so easy to make that it really doesn't require much explanation. Also awesome about this costume, it'd be just as cute on a boy as a girl. BONUS!

Here's what you'll need:

White zip-up hoodie (I got this one on sale at JC Penny for 5 or 6 bucks)
Black long sleeve shirt
Black leggings/pants
Cotton balls, cotton balls and more cotton balls (I used almost 4 bags)
Black felt
Ear Template
Hot glue gun

Step 1: Cut the sleeves off of the hoodie

Step 2: Start glueing cotton balls on the outside. Keep going until you have covered the entire outside of the hoodie. I started at the edge of the hood that surrounds the face and worked my way down. Try to stagger the rows a bit as you go to keep it from looking "stripe-y".

Step 3: Cut out two ears from your black felt. You can use the template I have provided, or just wing it like I did :) You'll want them to be about 4-5 inches x 2.5-3 inches. Once you have the ears cut out, run one line of glue along the straight edge and pinch it in half to give the curved ear shape. When you're ready to glue them onto the hoodie, it's a good idea to try it on the costume wearer to get a good idea on the best placement.

Step 4: Throw on the black shirt and pants, add the hoodie on top and prepare to hear endless "Ooh's" and "Aww's" and "He/She looks soooooo cute!"

You can also check out this year's DIY Ghost Costume here!


  1. Cotton balls (I'm Danish...) is it those you use for makeup and stuff? :)

  2. I love this! I want to make it for my 16 month old, but I think he might pull off the cotton balls. Do you think polyester fill could work? Would fabric glue work just as well as a glue gun? I'm thinking it could cover a larger area.



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