I'm sharing these photos with you becuase I just finished doing some edits on them so I can reprint them for our gallery wall in the living room, and I don't have time to come up with anything else. So, sorry.

I really wanna take a nap. But I'm thinking maybe that's the last thing I should do since I fell asleep shortly after 8:00 last night and racked up nearly 10 hours in all. I think I may've accidentally given my body the impression that I was going into hibernation or something, and as such, really need to let it know that I am, indeed, a human and my goal is not to sleep the day away.

I am compiling a list of the very funny things Adelaide has been saying lately. Maybe it's only adorable to me. You can weigh next week when that post comes ;) But here's a little preview: "Avocado" And she's not talking about the fruit... 

I am eating up Adelaide's nap time after yesterday's 30 minute car nap and resulting miserable afternoon. Answer me this: If at about 4:00 it became painfully obvious that she was indeed exhausted (and letting me know it!), why on earth didn't she take advantage of the, not one, but two opportunities to take a real nap in her crib when they were offered earlier??? It amazes me how tiniest bit of car sleep can result in such turmoil.

And now the runny, stuffy nose she woke up with this morning is rearing it's ugly head. At least, I assume that's the cause behind the fact that she is now awake in her crib and calling for me only 30  minutes into her nap. So much for eating it up.

Hey, happy Labor Day though! Jordan's not working, so I'm gettin' pretty psyched about that right about now! Have a super freakin great weekend guys!

And cross your fingers for me that Adelaide goes back to sleep.


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