Let me start this off (as I have too many times before) by saying I'm sorry for the lack of awesome D7200 photos here. I mean really, why did I even upgrade our camera if I'm never gonna pull it out?!?! GAH! I have berated myself endlessly for the fact that I put my camera down at the beginning of the party and didn't pick it up again One. Single. Time. I am incredibly lucky that my mother-in-law is the queen of taking pictures on her iPhone, and as such have at least these to share with you. I am just beyond disappointed in myself and I don't anticipate getting over this one very soon... But, thank goodness for ever improving cell phone cameras!

Anyway, with the exception of my complete and utter failure as the party photographer, the party was fantastic! Adelaide had the best time celebrating with all of our family and friends, and got completely spoiled by everyone. 

A couple of super easy and fun Pinterest ideas:

^^ I ran a strip of cute wrapping paper down the center of all of the tables. It was such an easy way to dress up a plain old plastic tablecloth, and I thought it made all the difference! This is a trick I plan on pulling out time and time again! ^^

^^Again, super simple, but taping a few balloons to the bottom of crepe paper hanging in the doorway felt really festive, and Adelaide has had a blast running through it for going on 4 days now (which explains why the crepe paper is so sparse and there are only 3 balloons left, because of course, I just took this picture :/ ) ^^

Yeah, still kicking myself over here...

Okay, now for the (partially) iPhone picture overload!

 ^^ She blew her candles right out on the first try! And she didn't even spit on the cake at all guys! ^^

And, of course, the birthday post wouldn't be complete without a little playhouse love...

The playhouse turned out better than I ever could've imagined. Jordan spent every spare moment for about three weeks leading up to her birthday working on it, and I am so glad (and relieved!) that she already loves it so much! This is one very loved little girl :) Thank you so much to everyone who helped make the party such a special day for her!

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  1. Such a cute pumpkin party! And that playhouse is amazing! Awesome job!



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