Tee & Shorts: F21, Shoes: Nordstrom Rack

Mostly I just feel like today needs to be recorded as the day I got my hair to go straight. Turns out my straightener will scorch my hair straight with 100 degrees more power than I realized. And it seems that that may actually be the key to getting my wavy/sometimes-curlyish/never straight hair to be straight. I knew there was a trick. I knew there were other people out there with wavy/sometimes-curlyish/never straight hair who managed to get to straight just fine. Maybe now I can join the club?  I wonder exactly how many days I can milk this style...

One other hair thing.... September rolled around and with it my indecision about my bangs returned. You may have thought I finally settled on growing them out. I thought so too. Something about Fall you guys. It's like, pumpkins, crisp breeze and bangs. Am I right? Oh, that's just me? Well, never mind then.

P.S. I know I need to do something about that old grown out ombre. It's not a good look guys. Not a good look.


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