I'm posting at bedtime (mine, that is) because we ended up with a super busy day on our hands:


On our way to play date this morning we stopped at two Kroger stores in search of the pumpkins that were rumored to be there. Store number one? No dice. Store number two? Jackpot! Well, not really. There were only two boxes and they were rather banged up. But there were pumpkins none-the-less, and a pumpkin we bought. After the first pumpkin purchase of the season was complete, I proceeded to drive in the wrong direction for about 8 minutes to get to our play date, effectively making me about 10  minutes late. That's what I get for ever thinking I know where anything is in relation to anything else. It may not seem like a lot, but 10 minutes of talking with my friends while my child happily plays completely independent from me is actually equivalent to like, an hour of free time pre-Adelaide. So yeah, kind of a big deal. 

Then Adelaide's nap time was spent working on the big birthday playhouse surprise. All 60 minutes of it. This hasn't really been the week of oodles of free time during naps. It's pretty much been the opposite actually. Anyway, that's how all of nap time was spent. Me: busting up some pallets (they never knew what hit them) and Jordan pulling nails out of said pallets. And the rest of the day was pretty much spent doing other play house related things. By the end of the day we had pretty dope platform. Hey, Adelaide seemed pretty pleased with it. Maybe we'll just call it a day with that ;)

Okay. Happy weekend and stuff :)


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