I love reading the Elanorisms/Samsonisms posts on the Rockstar Diaries blog, and I'm super excited to be able to put together one of my own now for Adelaide. It's been so much fun hearing Adelaide's vocabulary growing so much lately. I immediately morph into Mommy-cheerleader mode every time she puts together an entire phrase! It would be highly embarrassing to her if she were a few years older. Like, super embarrassing. But, luckily for me she's not older (just about to be two!), and I've been keeping a list to share with you ;)

When she uses up the the minuscule bit of syrup she gets for her waffles (it's so awesome when they don't know any better!), she asks for "more stir it up?"

A favorite book lately has been Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, however she likes to call it "Chicken Chicken Boom Boom".

"It's a lake pool!" when she spots any large body of water. And sometimes "ocean" gets thrown in the mix. Along with "I wanna paddle board". She loves the water. She does not get that from me. 

"I wanna push the butt", because apparently button is still a bit much :)

"Up doh." (Uh oh...)

Me: "Where does GG live?" Adelaide: "Avocado." Avocado, Chicago... it's all the same, eh?

Corrine Baily Rae came on the radio,  Me: "I love this song!" Adelaide: "I love it too!" Guess Wheels on the Bus has some competition for top spot now ;)


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