I recently stumbled upon a new {to me} blog called Hello Mess. I've really been enjoying reading through months and months worth of posts, with years still to go. I really enjoy the mixture of things she writes about and the honesty with which she writes. It's given me a lot of ideas of posts I would like to try out myself, one of which being a series she does called "Surroundings". It's about remembering exactly what our home looks like right at this very moment. Noticing the little things and messes. I like how it has made me look around at the little messes, especially the ones that seem to say "Adelaide was here." :), and smile rather than just seeing it as something to pick up and sort out and "fix". It's all just part of this lovely life that we have right now, and I really want to remember just how it is, because before I know it it'll be completely different. One day we won't have teeny toys and shoes and things in the way all. the. time. and it will be a little sad. So, here's what's around these days...

- Birthday party preparations are officially under way
- Adelaide's collection of pictures on the fridge and her newly added letter magnets for her name
- Chalk remnants from last week's play date
- The latest box of outgrown clothes (sniff...sniff). So lucky I had Adelaide to help me label the box :)
- BFF's. So glad they're finally like each other. Sometimes anyway.
- Adelaide's tent is totally where it's at these days.


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