^^ It's all about dressing up in multiples layers... or stripping down; "smile" equals a squinty face that looks more like a response to "Show me your teeth"; making forts and other cozy spots; and we even made a successful trip to the Perot. All in all, this stage (even with the crazy fits) is shaping up to be the best one yet. It's been so much fun lately, and I'm constantly being overcome by just how much love I have for this little person :) I couldn't possibly ask for a better, cooler, sweeter, funnier or cuter kid to call my own. ^^

The best thing about life lately? The fact that Adelaide is finally, after over a year and half, on a consistent nap schedule! Okay, that's an exaggeration, it's been consistent before (though never for very long thanks to the ever changing needs of littles), but it seems like it's been a loooong time since I could count on knowing what any particular day would hold schedule-wise. I can now say with absolute almost certainty that she is officially on one nap a day, and she can make it until one before napping... or at least noon. Like I said, consistent! ;) And I can take zero credit for it. As usual, she did it when she was good and ready. At what point am I just going to accept that I have no control over... anything really? Now someone please tell me that the one-nap-a-day schedule is going to stick around and not change for a long, loooong time. Please? Pleeeeease?  

In other news, above is a Pinterest project in the works. A play kitchen to go in the playhouse we're planning on building for Adelaide's 2nd birthday! Now that there's a kitchen, there'll have to be a playhouse. See how that works? Yup. Sorry Hubs, you don't have any choice now. {Just kidding. He's awesome and can build anything, so throwing together a playhouse for Adelaide is all in a day's work for him :) Just one of the many perks of being married to the handiest of all men.} 

And, now that Adelaide has been sticking to a pretty consistent schedule, I'm feeling much more motivated to actually try to get some things done during nap time. Today's nap time agenda: Blog and get started on making birthday invitations! Pumpkin party #2 is is t-minus 51 days! (Wow, that makes it sound a lot further away than I was thinking. Let's just call it: less than 2 months... that sounds better. Or sadder... is it possible that my baby is seriously going to be two is less than 2 months?!?! 


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