Me> Shirt & Skirt: F21, Shoes: Target
Adelaide> Dress: Baby Gap, Shoes: Saltwater Sandals, via Amazon (where else?)

First off, can I just say how much I don't like the  new Photos app? iPhoto was just better. End of story. Well, for me at least. Dontcha just love how I always feel the need to qualify everything. "For me", "In my opinion", etc. Heaven forbid I ever make any sort of generalization that may offend.

Secondly, how cute is my budding model?!?! Also, say goodbye to this dress which officially became too short today. On one hand, the shopper in me is ecstatic. Growing out of clothes = shopping for new ones! Woot woot! But the Mommy in me is freaking out at the how fast she's growing! Not growing up! Just growing. There will be NO growing up!

And finally, I would just like to take a second to say how incredibly grateful I am that I somehow managed to find a group of mommy friends. Not only does Adelaide love our weekly play dates, but so do I, just as much (if not more!). As someone who has never had many friends and always been horrible at making friends (me + smalltalk = awkward and exhausting), I am so thankful for the little group we have formed. Credit must go to Anela who was the first to suggest meeting outside of the safety of the library, something I would've been way too timid to ever suggest myself. Our Friday play dates are the thing I most look forward to each week, and I always leave with a little boost in my attitude. I always envied the groups of friends I saw on TV (for the 10 years before this playgroup, I had a grand total of 2 friends, family not included, and only ever saw them separately) and for the first time in my life, I have a group of friends! And it's awesome. I've always read about the importance of friends, and only now do I understand it. 

Okay, that's enough cheese for one post. Weekend ahoy!


  1. Love that (those) dress/es!!! ...and the models!!

  2. It's so great to have a group of first-time mom friends especially—people you can relate to and who are experiencing the same things as you in this stage of your life. Also, that last picture is perfection. I love it so much!



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