Shirt & Skirt: F21, Shoes: Target

I've made no secret about the sad state of my brain since becoming a mom. It reached new heights over the weekend. Remember when I told you I had a story about when I was sewing new covers for some throw pillows? Well, here it is...

I thought I'd give piping a try this time. So, I watched a YouTube tutorial on how to do it, got to measuring and cutting and started sewing. After just a couple inches of stitching, I realized I was sewing the piping to the wrong side of the fabric, and whoooaaa doggies, hold your horses, STOP! Ha mush brain! You thought you were gonna really mess me up again, didn't ya? Well I've got news for you! I caught it waaaay before it was a real problem. So THERE! (If I'm being totally transparent about my level of weirdness... that's really a pretty accurate representation of the dialog running through my head at the time... maybe even a little out loud... Yes, I talk to myself. And yes, I sometimes talk to parts of myself [mush brain] as if they are separate entities from time to time...) Moving on--->

So I stop right there, pull out the rogue stitches, minimal time lost. No biggie. (I WIN brain!) I start over and finish it up (correctly) and am quite pleased with the outcome. Okay, moving on to pillow number two... I sew the piping on, aaaaaall the way around, (even quicker than the first time, pat on the back) and am mid-celebration thinking I've mastered this piping thing, when I realize that I sewed it on aaaaall the way around on the wrong side of the fabric. AGAIN! Only this time, it's waaaay worse and was not quickly remedied. So, I rip the stitches out around the whole thing (which, if you sew at all, you know is pretty much the worst!) and start again. Aaaaaall the way around once more, and barely even cut the thread from the final stitch when I realize I. just. did. it. WRONG. AGAAAAAAIIIIINNNNN! Are you kidding me? AREYOUKIDDINGME????????? 

And that, my friends, is what Adelaide did to my brain. 


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