Shirt, Shorts & Shoes: F21 (Do I ever shop anywhere else???)

July. July 3rd. It's just not possible! Time flies, certainly, but aren't there just certain months that really seem to emphasize it? Like July. Probably any month that has a holiday I guess. I guess it makes you realize how recently it seems the holiday was, when it's actually been months since. 

So, in honor of Independence Day, I have a pre-fourth outfit for ya. A subtle nod to the upcoming holiday. For the actual holiday, I like to go a little more obvious with star covered tank that I got on clearance at Urban Outfitters like, 8 years ago. Sometimes subtle is just not necessary :) Also a little sneak peak at the toasted marshmallows for the the S'mores Ice Cream Sandwiches I'm making for our cook-out tomorrow!

I hope everyone's holiday weekend is filled with good food, fun and lots of fireworks. We're planning on keeping Adelaide up this year to join in on the fun... we'll see how that goes... And hopefully the rain that's hung around here all day (hence the indoor pictures, yet again, thanks to my lens fogging up if I even think about stepping outside with it) will move on to somewhere that actually needs it. 

And in conclusion, a few {ahhhh-dooorable} pictures of Adelaide (as if there are any other kind ;) doing a little patriotic finger painting yesterday. Happy 4th everyone!

P.S. Pictures were in the the kitchen today because that was the most tidy looking place in the house. And cuz that's where the marshmallows were. Enough said.


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