^^When something rustles in the tree right above your head, you better bet you gotta make sure whatever that something is isn't flying at you, claws bared. ^^
Tank: Old Navy, Shorts: Madewell, Shoes: Target

**When I started this blog, I hoped to use it as a positive space. A place to focus on the happy and good things in my life. Now I know I'm not always great at that... Let's be honest, it's probably about 50/50 good to whiny/complain-y/boo-hooy. But, I think it's evolved into a much more accurate portrayal of me and my life through honesty, rather than it becoming a view of my life through rose-tinted glasses. And more than anything it has become such a valuable place of catharsis for me. And lately I've just kinda been in the mood to complain about my detest for Texas summers. So, why not add one more to add to the second column ;)

10 Things I Hate About Summer

1. It's too hot (all 24 hours of the day) to wholly enjoy any outdoor activity.
2. No sitting outside in the morning with a sweater and a steaming hot cup of coffee (unless you're in the market for a heat stroke).
3. Recipes containing pumpkin are not "acceptable" (though I've been strongly considering whipping up some pumpkin bread anyway).
4. No layers. Heck, even the minimal acceptable amount of clothing is uncomfortable. Unless you're indoors, which brings me to....
5. The freeeeeezing temperature of many indoor establishments that is made necessary due to the ridiculously high humidity.
6. The way my camera lens fogs up the second I think about leaving the house with it.
7. The endless search for shade trees in every parking lot because I have no desire to cook myself or Adelaide upon returning, which is incredibly difficult because someone in decided it was better to clear cut everything when building something new (which everything around here is) and replace those trees with measly little sticks spaced out about every hundred feet which provide just about enough shade for my car's antenna.
8. No crisp morning walks with Adelaide.
9. The looks people give me when point out the Fall aisles I spotted at Hobby Lobby and Michael's. Don't knock it people! It's the light at the end of the tunnel, and I need it!
10. Did I mention that it's hot?!?!


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