Shirt, Skirt & Sunnies: F21, Shoes: Target

Well, I got it cut! Overall I really like it, though I'm still feeling a bit torn about the break-up with my bangs. I'm starting to think maybe we're better together. Plus this side bang thing is already getting annoying and looking a little too Farrah Fawcett for my taste.

In Adelaide news: 

Little Missy is staying true to her early tooth schedule. She's currently cutting 2, if not 3 of her two year molars (feeling that far back in her mouth is a risky undertaking, and I for one like all of my fingers). I'm reeeally hoping that is all that's bothering her, and that that little cold she had didn't somehow morph into another ear infection. But one this is clear, something has been bothering her off and on for the past couple of days. 

She can say her whole name now! For months it's been "Ada" this and "Ada" that, but she can now say the whole thing! Granted it comes out more like 2 seperate words, like "Ada. Laide!", but nonetheless it was a very proud Mommy, Daddy and Adelaide moment.

Swim lessons start today (and go through Friday)! I hope this will start her down a path to success when it comes to learning to swim (unlike her Mommy, 3 time swim lesson failure :/ ) Obviously it wasn't for a lack of trying on my parents part! Clearly I was just born happy to have two feet on solid ground. Who knows, maybe even I'll learn something this week.

Okay, well that's what I've got today. 

P.S. Will yall let me know what you see at the bottom of the post where the "You Might Also Like" thing is. It's not showing any links on my computer, and I'm really hoping that's not the case across the board (though I'm sure it is).

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  1. It isnt showing anything under You might also like: just FYI : )--Katie



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