The things you'll allow for a moment of peace...

Most days I'm getting an hour and a half. Total. All day. From the time Adelaide gets up at 7:15 until we say goodnight and turn out the lights around 8:00, I have about an hour and a half "off" from being mom. Some days I get lucky and it's more. Yesterday it was three hours. That was like, WHOA! Some days it's LESS than an hour and half. That's like, NOOOOO!!! (Like my rhyme? That's just how I roll.) Anyway, I say all of that to say I haven't been finding a lot of time to blog because an hour and a half isn't very long. I actually like to do chores when Adelaide's sleeping. For one, it's insanely more efficient when she's not under foot and requesting that I read her books, and for two, sometimes it's nice to do something and have it feel like the old normal. Like what was normal was before parenthood. I wouldn't trade her or being a parent for anything in the world, but sometimes it's nice to get a little glimpse into what life used to be. Oh how I can appreciate it so much more now. Of course, I could try to blog when she's awake, but I don't really like sitting down to do it if it's going to be broken up (my train of thought is hard enough to keep straight when I don't have distractions). So, that's where I've been. Sorry :/


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