** I typed this post over the weekend with the intention of posting it yesterday. However, I got all wrapped up in packing and whatnot for our vacation (we're heading to the airport in about an hour!) and forgot. So, here it is today. A slightly weird one to leave off with, but whatev :) Talk to yall next week!

In my experience, when you're a stay-at-home-mom, there's not a lot else going on in your life besides your kid(s). Or maybe that is just my experience. As much as I love this kid (I mean, look at those pictures! She's kinda all the best things in the world rolled up into one adorable little person if you ask me ;), but I do think it's a little bit of a bad thing that my camera roll, which is made up of about 99.9% Adelaide, is a very accurate representation of my life overall :/ I just think maybe there needs to be a little more balance. A little more effort put into carving out time for things I enjoy, and a little more time for the person who used to get all of my attention (sorry if I forget about you sometimes Jordan). Lately my life has pretty much consisted of me thinking about places we can go that Adelaide will enjoy, meals I can cook that Adelaide will like, playing music that Adelaide will listen to, things we can do that will entertain Adelaide and answering to an endless chorus of "Mommy, mommy, mommy....".

Being a Mom is great and fulfilling in so many ways, but I know it's important for me to remember that mom is only part of who I am, and that Adelaide isn't my life, but part of my my life. Granted, she is a big part. A majority part even. And I'm good with that! But expecting any one person to be everything is really unfair and is bound to end with disappointment. 

So, here's the goal: Remember that while I am Mom, I am also wife and sometimes, just Nikki. And each one of those roles is important and deserves to have time allotted to it without guilt.

Wish me luck! 

Now, we're off to the beach! Talk to yall next week!


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