Shirt & Belt: F21, Skirt: Old Navy, Shoes: Nordstrom Rack

Okay, okay... maybe that's just a teeny bit dramatic. Adelaide spend the entire weekend with my sister, her kids and my parents. Actually, longer than that. I dropped her off Friday at lunch and will pick her up at lunch today. (My mom's birthday lunch! Happy Birthday Mom!)

I went to the movies, out to dinner with friends (who we hardly ever see even though we have a blast every single time we manage to), took a motorcycle ride to breakfast with hubs, made 5 new throw pillows (my first attempt at piping was pretty rocky thanks to my mush brain... but that's a whole other story in and of itself), made a trip to Old Navy for an exchange that went something like the Sarah Jaffe song that goes "all that time, wasted..." (great song, not great lyrics to associate with a trip to Old Navy on a Sunday afternoon),  finally started figuring out Lightroom enough to edit some birthday pics I took of my niece (which I'm really proud of! :), helped Jordan build a wall of shelves to stack the myriad teaching supplies that were taking up an inordinate amount of floor space in the garage, finished The Little Beach Street Bakery and started Lovestruck at Christmas, went out to a dinner with hubs during which we didn't once crane our necks in worry wondering where in the hell our food was and how much longer we would be able to keep a wiggly and impatient toddler happy, and made a spontaneous trip to a town over an hour away to pick up a Craigslist purchase for Jordan at 7:30 last night... 

It was an incredibly productive, relaxing and enjoyable weekend during which I constantly felt as if I was missing a limb or something. A limb that was sorely missed. Every single thing I did just felt slightly wrong. I worked very hard to keep busy and not dwell on how much I was missing Adelaide, knowing that she was having a ton of fun and that she would be back before I knew it. It was hard. Really hard. But it was nice too. I needed it. We all needed it. 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Mandy, Michael, Grady, Cyrus and Everly for loving my love, entertaining her, playing with her, sharing with her, conning her into eating when she thought didn't want to, and spoiling her rotten, just as it should be. Thank you for giving us a break and making it as painless as could be expected (for me ;)

Now excuse me while I go count the minutes until I get to see my baby again.


  1. ANYtime. We ❤ her almost as much as you do & we'll miss her tons!! XOXO My sweet AdieLou!!

  2. ANYtime. We ❤ her almost as much as you do & we'll miss her tons!! XOXO My sweet AdieLou!!

  3. First of all, I love this outfit. Second, I can't imagine how much you must have missed Adelaide, but how awesome for you that you were able to go out and get so much accomplished. I'm sure your reunion with her was so sweet!



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