Skirt & Vest: Old from some random fly-by-night mall store, Shirt: F21, Shoes: Nordstrom Rack, Necklace: Charming Charlie

Mowing. Hence the indoor pictures showing Adelaide's toy corner in all it's glory. (The grass is out of control, thank you rain :/) . Our yard is big and it takes somewhere around an hour and half to do the whole thing. If I don't do it during the day, Jordan will do it when he gets home, so I try to mow during the day while Adelaide is napping for two reasons: #1, I feel bad when Jordan gets home from work and is immediately faced with yet more work, and #2, when I've already been with on my own with Adelaide all day, even on the very best of days, I really look forward to even the teeniest bit of help that comes simply with his presence (and I wouldn't put today in the "best" category). So half selfless and half selfish. Not bad. So, I suppose I'm off to change clothes, and cross my fingers that today is one of those long nap days, because I've already eaten up half an hour of it with sub-par outfit pictures and a boooo-riiiing story about yard work.


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