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Okay, okay... maybe that's just a teeny bit dramatic. Adelaide spend the entire weekend with my sister, her kids and my parents. Actually, longer than that. I dropped her off Friday at lunch and will pick her up at lunch today. (My mom's birthday lunch! Happy Birthday Mom!)

I went to the movies, out to dinner with friends (who we hardly ever see even though we have a blast every single time we manage to), took a motorcycle ride to breakfast with hubs, made 5 new throw pillows (my first attempt at piping was pretty rocky thanks to my mush brain... but that's a whole other story in and of itself), made a trip to Old Navy for an exchange that went something like the Sarah Jaffe song that goes "all that time, wasted..." (great song, not great lyrics to associate with a trip to Old Navy on a Sunday afternoon),  finally started figuring out Lightroom enough to edit some birthday pics I took of my niece (which I'm really proud of! :), helped Jordan build a wall of shelves to stack the myriad teaching supplies that were taking up an inordinate amount of floor space in the garage, finished The Little Beach Street Bakery and started Lovestruck at Christmas, went out to a dinner with hubs during which we didn't once crane our necks in worry wondering where in the hell our food was and how much longer we would be able to keep a wiggly and impatient toddler happy, and made a spontaneous trip to a town over an hour away to pick up a Craigslist purchase for Jordan at 7:30 last night... 

It was an incredibly productive, relaxing and enjoyable weekend during which I constantly felt as if I was missing a limb or something. A limb that was sorely missed. Every single thing I did just felt slightly wrong. I worked very hard to keep busy and not dwell on how much I was missing Adelaide, knowing that she was having a ton of fun and that she would be back before I knew it. It was hard. Really hard. But it was nice too. I needed it. We all needed it. 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Mandy, Michael, Grady, Cyrus and Everly for loving my love, entertaining her, playing with her, sharing with her, conning her into eating when she thought didn't want to, and spoiling her rotten, just as it should be. Thank you for giving us a break and making it as painless as could be expected (for me ;)

Now excuse me while I go count the minutes until I get to see my baby again.



 Shirt & Shorts (cutoff jeans): F21, Shoes: Nordstrom Rack, Belt: Target

Today I come to you with book recommendations galore, since I've pretty much been reading in all my spare time over the past couple of weeks. I tend to go in phases with reading. When I get into a book, all I wanna do is read, read and then read some more. I love getting wrapped up in a good story, so deep that I start to get it confused with my real life :) And then when I'm done, I fall into a slight depression at no longer being able to live vicariously through those characters, and can't imagine any other storyline ever living up to that one, and so it takes a while before I realize there's, like, millions of other books out there that would be more than happy to feed neverending interest in other people's lives (along with House Hunters ;). It's probably definitely slightly unhealthy. So anyway, here (and here and here... it's a series after all) is what kept me thoroughly occupied over the past couple of weeks (okay, probably less than a couple). The first one is free on your Kindle and the last two are only $3.99! Fair prices if you ask me. I also have the Christmas one already, and I think I'm going to dive into it when I finish this. The cupcake on the cover caught my eye as we walked through the library on Monday, and I just can't can't resist a good cupcake, tangible or otherwise. The latest one actually inspired the dough rising in the oven right now. Speaking of which, it's about time to punch that beast down! 

Let me know if you read any of them!

P.S. Upon grabbing a link for Little Beach Street Bakery I found that there is a sequel! But DO NOT look at it if you plan on reading the first one, SPOILER ALERT! BOO! I got spoiled, let me be your warning :(


Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only recommend products  I use personally and believe others may enjoy as well. Thank you for supporting the companies that support me and my family!



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Mowing. Hence the indoor pictures showing Adelaide's toy corner in all it's glory. (The grass is out of control, thank you rain :/) . Our yard is big and it takes somewhere around an hour and half to do the whole thing. If I don't do it during the day, Jordan will do it when he gets home, so I try to mow during the day while Adelaide is napping for two reasons: #1, I feel bad when Jordan gets home from work and is immediately faced with yet more work, and #2, when I've already been with on my own with Adelaide all day, even on the very best of days, I really look forward to even the teeniest bit of help that comes simply with his presence (and I wouldn't put today in the "best" category). So half selfless and half selfish. Not bad. So, I suppose I'm off to change clothes, and cross my fingers that today is one of those long nap days, because I've already eaten up half an hour of it with sub-par outfit pictures and a boooo-riiiing story about yard work.



The things you'll allow for a moment of peace...

Most days I'm getting an hour and a half. Total. All day. From the time Adelaide gets up at 7:15 until we say goodnight and turn out the lights around 8:00, I have about an hour and a half "off" from being mom. Some days I get lucky and it's more. Yesterday it was three hours. That was like, WHOA! Some days it's LESS than an hour and half. That's like, NOOOOO!!! (Like my rhyme? That's just how I roll.) Anyway, I say all of that to say I haven't been finding a lot of time to blog because an hour and a half isn't very long. I actually like to do chores when Adelaide's sleeping. For one, it's insanely more efficient when she's not under foot and requesting that I read her books, and for two, sometimes it's nice to do something and have it feel like the old normal. Like what was normal was before parenthood. I wouldn't trade her or being a parent for anything in the world, but sometimes it's nice to get a little glimpse into what life used to be. Oh how I can appreciate it so much more now. Of course, I could try to blog when she's awake, but I don't really like sitting down to do it if it's going to be broken up (my train of thought is hard enough to keep straight when I don't have distractions). So, that's where I've been. Sorry :/



Shirt, Skirt & Sunnies: F21, Shoes: Target

Well, I got it cut! Overall I really like it, though I'm still feeling a bit torn about the break-up with my bangs. I'm starting to think maybe we're better together. Plus this side bang thing is already getting annoying and looking a little too Farrah Fawcett for my taste.

In Adelaide news: 

Little Missy is staying true to her early tooth schedule. She's currently cutting 2, if not 3 of her two year molars (feeling that far back in her mouth is a risky undertaking, and I for one like all of my fingers). I'm reeeally hoping that is all that's bothering her, and that that little cold she had didn't somehow morph into another ear infection. But one this is clear, something has been bothering her off and on for the past couple of days. 

She can say her whole name now! For months it's been "Ada" this and "Ada" that, but she can now say the whole thing! Granted it comes out more like 2 seperate words, like "Ada. Laide!", but nonetheless it was a very proud Mommy, Daddy and Adelaide moment.

Swim lessons start today (and go through Friday)! I hope this will start her down a path to success when it comes to learning to swim (unlike her Mommy, 3 time swim lesson failure :/ ) Obviously it wasn't for a lack of trying on my parents part! Clearly I was just born happy to have two feet on solid ground. Who knows, maybe even I'll learn something this week.

Okay, well that's what I've got today. 

P.S. Will yall let me know what you see at the bottom of the post where the "You Might Also Like" thing is. It's not showing any links on my computer, and I'm really hoping that's not the case across the board (though I'm sure it is).



That mop ^^^. I'm happy to report that I did not take the scissors to it myself last night, though I got about [this] close. I'm one of those people who mull and mull over cutting my hair, and when I finally make a decision, it's something that's gotta be done like, yesterday. I have exactly zero patience once the decision is final. And while the decision to cut is final, how to cut is not. I've been letting my bangs go for a few weeks now and am very much on the fence. If could snap my fingers and have them gone, I would. But since not cutting them = going through the brutal process of growing them out, I might just rather keep them. I like them, I just don't like messing with them. If bangs weren't an issue, I'd want this, but I might go with this if keeping the bangs is the better route. Or this if I'm feeling brave. So, the appointment is set for tomorrow. Opinions are welcome! 

Gotta love a good thinking/writing through the hair cutting decision process post. That's what I call some good readin'.



I'm thinking photos will tell the story better I can, so I'm just gonna overload you with pictures of our trip and narrate as needed. Okay? Okay. Here we go...

^^We had a connecting flight on our way out. Flight #1 was 45 minutes and could not have possibly gone any better. Flight #2 was about 2 hours. It started off a little bumpy because little missy was way past her nap time and had to gripe a bit before falling asleep, but as you can see she crashed so hard, she couldn't even be bothered to take her straw out of her mouth first. So, flights #1 & #2 were billed as a pretty huge success. vv 

^^ The house was super cute and worked out even better than I ever could've guessed in every possible way (Adelaide had her own room and the house was stocked with pretty much everything short of toiletries and beach towels). We've never done the hotel thing with Adelaide, and after the house I don't see any reason to try. I can't even say enough fantastic things about our experience with the house! We rented through here, and like I already said (more than once), it was great (and every synonym for great)! I would highly recommend them (and would be more than happy to visit again and write a sponsored post ;) Can you tell we were happy with the house part of the trip? :) ^^

^^Having my mom and dad along was so awesome! Not only was it just fun to hang out with them (especially the game of Heads Up :), but it was such a huge help to have two extra sets of hands to help with the massive amounts of luggage we dragged along (free, thank you Southwest!) and to help hold and entertain Adelaide (which there was extra of due to the wonderfully timed cold she came down with the first day :/ ). Thanks again for all of the help Mom and Dad! I'm so, so glad yall were able to go with us and I hope you had as much fun as we did! ^^

^^ Bicycle grocery run made easy with the use of Adelaide's trailer. Not pictured: The 24 pack of bottled water in Jordan's bike basket :). ^^

^^ Christmas card 2015? There's the cold I was talkin' about. Runny nose in all it's glory. Also, Adelaide was kind enough to then pass on her cold first to me, then to my mom and finally my dad started feeling it on our last day. Great, great timing. ^^

^^ There were cats Eve.Ry.Where. So, basically Tybee Island = heaven for Adelaide. vv

^^ This picture is deceiving. Jordan and I were the only ones building sand castles. Moat, seashell decorations, the whole nine yards. Adelaide was too busy making friends and running back and forth into the water (except on the first day when her cold was at its worst. That day she pretty much just sat under the umbrella with my mom and dad. The only place she was happy to be that day. ^^

^^ Adelaide's first state sign! States with river borders are the worst. How are you supposed to get the sign when it's in the middle of a dang bridge?? ^^

^^ The plane ride home also went really well. Again, Adelaide had to gripe rather loudly before she would fall asleep, but fortunately for us (and very unfortunately for the other parents), there was another kid on the plane who spent quite a lot of her time crying (loudly), so Adelaide's little bit of crying was just a drop in the bucket. That's a halo on Jordan's phone ;) Proud Daddy moment for sure! Also, we lucked out majorly in getting to claim an empty seat for Adelaide on all three flights! The key is to stick your kid in the empty seat and keep your head down. DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH ANYONE! ^^

^^ And finally a picture of our mattress tag. Yes, we stripped the sheets and searched for the tag in hopes of getting one of our own. Like I said, the house rocked, beds included. ^^



** I typed this post over the weekend with the intention of posting it yesterday. However, I got all wrapped up in packing and whatnot for our vacation (we're heading to the airport in about an hour!) and forgot. So, here it is today. A slightly weird one to leave off with, but whatev :) Talk to yall next week!

In my experience, when you're a stay-at-home-mom, there's not a lot else going on in your life besides your kid(s). Or maybe that is just my experience. As much as I love this kid (I mean, look at those pictures! She's kinda all the best things in the world rolled up into one adorable little person if you ask me ;), but I do think it's a little bit of a bad thing that my camera roll, which is made up of about 99.9% Adelaide, is a very accurate representation of my life overall :/ I just think maybe there needs to be a little more balance. A little more effort put into carving out time for things I enjoy, and a little more time for the person who used to get all of my attention (sorry if I forget about you sometimes Jordan). Lately my life has pretty much consisted of me thinking about places we can go that Adelaide will enjoy, meals I can cook that Adelaide will like, playing music that Adelaide will listen to, things we can do that will entertain Adelaide and answering to an endless chorus of "Mommy, mommy, mommy....".

Being a Mom is great and fulfilling in so many ways, but I know it's important for me to remember that mom is only part of who I am, and that Adelaide isn't my life, but part of my my life. Granted, she is a big part. A majority part even. And I'm good with that! But expecting any one person to be everything is really unfair and is bound to end with disappointment. 

So, here's the goal: Remember that while I am Mom, I am also wife and sometimes, just Nikki. And each one of those roles is important and deserves to have time allotted to it without guilt.

Wish me luck! 

Now, we're off to the beach! Talk to yall next week!


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