^^ Hi Old Man! ^^
Tee: From Chicken, AK (you can read all about that trip here, written by my incredibly talented husband... but don't jump ship on me please!), Jeans: Old Navy, Shoes: Nordstrom Rack (I think?)

Exhibit A: When I No Show for my teeth cleaning appointment after reminding Jordan just days before that it was coming up this week, viewing the reminder email and responding to the reminder text to confirm that I would indeed be present the next day. May I also point out that I had the appointment both on our wall calendar as well as on my phone calendar? After the highly embarrassing phone call from the office fifteen minutes after my appointment was scheduled to begin in which the very sweet receptionist called saying, "Just wanted to make sure you're coming to your appointment..." Oooooohhhhh Ssssshhhhhh....! All I can do is feebly respond with, "Uhhhhhhh..... today?" Yes today you idiot! You know, the one you confirmed yesterday?!?! (My inner voice of reason doesn't seem to have been replaced with mushy goopy stuff as of yet. That replacement might actually be welcomed. It tends to be quite rude.) I am still spending far too much time feeling terrible and absurd about the whole situation and can only hope that someone in that office secretly clicks their heels and throws a little celebration in their head when someone no shows (especially at the end of the day) like I did when I worked in an Orthodontic office. It's the little things guys. And if our very funny, beautiful and and understanding hygienist happens upon this post... I'm reeeeaaaally sorry. And to make up for it, I'll even floss tonight. 

Exhibit B: When I look at the clock this morning about 10 minutes before we need to leave for the play date that I have been talking to Adelaide about all morning, having forgotten about it completely at some point in the previous hour. 

Before Adelaide's entrance into my life, I would've classified myself as forgetful. I don't even think there's a name for what I am now.... Certifiable maybe?


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