Outfit that you've seen before, but are seeing again because it's basically what I wear every day,
Tee: F21, Jeans: Target, Shoes: Converse

It's all just a big series of ups and downs, so it seems fitting for me to go from a post full of me pouring out my heart and soul, going on and on about nothing but my love of being a mom and and my love for Adelaide to this...

When hearing "Mommy" (or in this case, "Mom-may") goes from the sweetest word that has ever passed her lips, which elicits nothing but warmth and happiness, to a very frustrating chorus more like this and begs to be answered with a "WHAAAAAATTTTTTT?!?!?!?!". When the chorus of "Mom-may" only pauses long enough for a more specific request to be thrown in, such as "Sit?" (on the bed), "Stick?" (for chap stick), "Bear?" (with some sort of arm over the head motion... I think she's requesting a song, but for the life of me can't figure out which one), "Tar?" (as I type, she wants me to get her guitar down for her), "Bu, Bu, Bu..." (Bunny lovey is needed now), and the always present "Help?" for anything else that hasn't yet been covered. When I hear myself repeating over, and over "You've got to be patient my love." to no avail. When I try to just give in and get down on the floor to play and have a big tickle fest, and just when those giggles are starting to consume me up and turn everything around, I get slapped in the face. No, it wasn't an accident (we're working on the arm swinging/smacking thing these days). And finally, when catharsis imperative, I desperately beg Elmo to entertain her, just a few minutes, so I can come here and purge, all while telling myself that it's fine because she needs to get used to her new headphones before our vacation anyway. 

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