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My hair hurts from wearing it in a bun. Every. Single. Day. 

I've been playing 20 questions with everyone I come across who has flown with a toddler. Less than two weeks until our beach vacation!

I've been thinking about making a packing list for said vacation, even started one once, but for some reason my very list-making self just can't get into that one. For whatever reason, packing is something I need to be able to physically do in order to really think it through. Hope that doesn't backfire on me!

I've been reading recipe after recipe and comparison after comparison for red velvet cake in hopes of finding the perfect one for Jordan's birthday. I think I have finally settled on this one.

I've been getting really bugged by the toy mess strewn all across our house again. Seems like that comes in cycles every few weeks, usually ending in me boxing up yet more toys.

I've been taking care of two people.  Jordan has gotten himself on crutches again. I don't understand how it is that he rides without falling very often, yet has been hurt twice now (once resulting in surgery and this time on crutches). Yet when I rode, I constantly fell, but never once got hurt. I guess a lifetime of clumsiness has made me a good faller.

Our DVR has become woefully low in stocked up shoes. Like, everything I watch has either ended the season on an incredibly frustrating cliffhanger or been cancelled (Revenge). It's not like I have a lot of spare time for TV watching, but when I do, I like having something good to watch sans commercials. Why can't Reign just come on like three times a week, every week for forever?

Also, I think I may have fixed an issue that was keeping people from being able to leave comments. Give it shot. Especially if you've got any travel tips for me!

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  1. I tried to find my packing checklist which was broken down into categories for individuals and more, (ie: first aid; toys; snacks; entertainment; then each person and so forth) but I am not finding it. Which isn't good considering I will need that come July : ) If I find soon I'll send your way, if anything to get you started on yours or to take from mine and make it fit ya'll.



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