^^ Pit stop in Mineola... Above: Jordan intended for me to get Adelaide's picture with the "Back Alley Sally's" sign, but I may've swiftly switched into crazy-freak-out mode the second Jordan stood Adelaide on that ledge, and crazy-freak-out mode doesn't usually coexist well with frame-the-shot nicely mode. vv


Two whole hours! Each way! That is how far we successfully traveled over the weekend to go to the zoo of my childhood in Tyler. Unfortunately Adelaide seems to have a maximum sleep time in the car of 30 minutes... when did that happen? A full hour and a half of awake time on the way home, without so much as one little whimper. Also, she ate really well at lunch. And cooperated at the zoo. It was kind of perfect. 

Can I just point out one quick thing though? Adelaide walked the majority of the zoo, and was awake for over 4 hours, going-going-going. Insert here the chorus of "She's going to nap hard!", "She's going to have a good long nap after this!", and other various proclamations relating to "wearing kids out", or having them "get their energy out". You've heard it. You may have even said it. Heck, you may have even experienced it. Well you'd have been wrong! Like I said, 30 minutes, after all that. We've got an unpredictable one on our hands folks, so save your blanket statements unless you enjoy being proved wrong. She's always the exception... except when she's not :)

So, here's to the first of many trips (I hope) to places from my own childhood. I was incredibly lucky to have a childhood full of fun memories and I'm so excited to relive as many as possible with Adelaide by my side. In case I haven't said so lately, she's kinda the best :)


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